Jul 2018

The Physics of Time Explained

July 10, 2018

physics tuition singaporePhysicists’ theorists consider the universe to be a single block or piece that is influenced by the passage of time. This line of thought brings in the question of time and its related theories. Physics is perhaps the only field of science that is dedicated to the study of time. From the simplest to the most complex models, time is considered a primary concept that does not rely on anything else. Students who are introduced to the subject (secondary three students) are taught the different dimensions of physics including time, which can discourage some students from pursuing the subject later in life.
Physics tuition is recommended not only for students who are new to the subject but also for those getting ready for their A-levels classes. To understand the two pillars of modern physics, i.e., the general theory of relativity, and the standard model of particle physics, students must uncover the laws underlying the two pillars (time) by enrolling for physics tuition in singapore. Most parents prefer private lessons to the regular training centres because of the customisation of the subject around their child’s interests. The approach help students prepare well for their A-level and H2 exams. The study of physics in secondary schools is the best decision because of its hands-on approach and experience your child will relish whether or not he or she pursues physics in the future. This article will focus on the relationship between Physics and time.
Time as a variable in physics
In your physics lessons, you will come across situations that will require you to calculate time. The explanations according to physics is that time and space are interchangeable. You can move around freely from one point to another. However, you cannot move time back and forth. Time flows in one direction according to the scientists. The reason time and physics seem identical are that both valuables cab be used interchangeably. When calculating time during your h2 physics tuition, you will use the variable t.
Time in four dimension
Conventionally, the present has significance to all that is real. When you look at your wall clock, time elapses and is replaced with an hour, day and the process continues. That’s the flow of time. Think about the moon. You will see it at one point and fail to see it on a different occasion. How does this happen? Because of its location on the orbit. You will see it in a new position because of the flow of time. The past, present, and future are arguably real. You cannot single out one of them and consider it different from the other. Events that occur in your life is what makes them different and probably special. Eternity occurs in a four-dimensional block. The block is composed of time and their spatial dimensions. For you to relate time and physics, think in a four-dimensional way.
Time controls the universe
Could you possibly be at different places at the same time? Of course, not, Time keeps things from happening at the same time. Just like in the same manner, you cannot be at point A and B at the same time. The movement of the earth around the orbit makes it imposable to experience day and night simultaneously. That how time controls the universe. There would be a lot of confusion if such events would occur at the same time. It is external and absolute, and no one can alter its occurrence, not even scientists.
Time occurs linearly
Scientists argue that time occurs linearly and is relative to the observer. It is controlled but what you perceive and the velocity of light. Universal time does not exist and depends on where you are on the planet. For instance, it may be morning in Paris but night-time in Singapore. Time depends on the observer and their location.
Physics is considered a branch of science that helps us understand how nature works using mathematical explanations. Physics is an experimental science that gives the description of the behaviour of the smallest building blocks matter and the universe. Taking a keen interest in the subject will widen your perception of the universe. Your argument will be quite different from the pedestrian way of thinking. In case you have challenges in the subject, A-level physics tuition will make the journey easy and practical.

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