Jul 2019

Applications Of Physics In Everyday Life

July 24, 2019

H2 Physics Tuition
Whether you are studying Physics on your own or learning the various concept with the help of the ever-reliable Physics tuition, you get to learn the multiple practical applications of this subject that play a major role in simplifying our day-to-day lives. Even in the simplest actions like walking, running, driving a car, utilizing a phone, and more – Physics is involved. For your everyday living, there is a myriad of applications that you might take for granted.
Here are some of the daily life applications that exploit the principles of Physics:

  • Working of the simple mechanical devices: The easiest place to see Physics in action is your working with a simple lever – you can observe it commonly in a park. Levers are available three different variants – each having diverse fulcrum locations. They are known to magnify the force by minimizing the effort that is required for moving an object from its source end to the opposing end. A simple “see-saw” at the children’s park is known to consist of a lever and the fulcrum that is placed in the middle.
  • The transportation industry: While studying Physics through your Physics classes or by attending H2Physics tuition, you must have come across the “Newton’s Law of Motion.” As far as the application of the law of motion is concerned, the transportation industry tops the list. Trains and cars use this law for providing a smooth, seamless motion to end-users. The airline industry is known to take the Law of Motion to another level by lifting along with forward momentum. The airline industry is known to manipulate the concept of Physics –just like a flying bird, to allow the airplane to fly high and defy the gravitational force.
  • Relativity & modern communications: Physics tends to be relative. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity finds its application in the modern communication industry. The theory of relativity by Einstein has specifically contributed to the GPS innovation in modern smartphones. Without the helping hand from the Theory of Relativity by Einstein, the GPS we know of today might be far less useful and accurate.
  • Physics & biology: Even while you are reading this sentence, understand the fact that Physics is at work. The eyes have evolved in several stages and are known to harness the electromagnetic spectrum. The ear through which we hear sounds leverages the transmission of sound waves through the air – yet another cool application of Physics. Moreover, the concept of Chemistry that drives most of the Biology concepts is also known to depend on the Physics of molecules and energy. With regard to everyday applications, for instance, plants are known to absorb sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water – producing glucose and releasing oxygen as the vital by-product

There are endless day-to-day applications of Physics that we come across in modern life that you can learn of in H2 Physics. Look forward to a great career when you opt for Physics tuition to guide you through higher education.

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