July 2017

3 reasons why you should study Physics

July 21, 2017

A Level Physics Tution
Choosing your subject combination for ‘A’ levels is not an easy task. After all, you will be spending the next two years of your academic life rigorously studying your chosen subjects. As such, you should choose subjects that you enjoy reading, learning and researching about. Your general interest in the subject will greatly affect how easy it will be to grasp concepts, and how well you perform.
While the humanities can open your eyes to the human condition, science is fascinating for its inquiry into nature. Science is the subject of questions and definite, clear answers, making it appealing to students who prefer to see a direct reward for their efforts at studying the subject.
Within the branches of science in our academic syllabi are three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We strongly believe you should take up Physics as one of your core subjects. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Physics develops your logical prowess
    Physics runs a lot on mathematics; there will be calculations involved when you are tested on concepts rooted in Physics. Common problems in Physics exam papers will challenge your trail of logic, testing the path you have chartered to your answer. Each question is a mental puzzle that is waiting to be overcome, and that’s why the study of Physics can be so intriguing and addictive to researchers.
    You may feel like concepts are difficult to grasp or you cannot seem to connect the different concepts together. Rest assured that this is common among students, and you may just need a slight nudge in the right direction to figure it all out. This is where Physics tuition in Singapore can help. When attending tuition classes for JC Physics, you will be guided by a professional tutor with years of experience studying and teaching the subject, so you can be rest assured that you will be able to wrap your head around challenging concepts. And when that happens, you can heave a sigh of gratification: “I did it!”
  2. Physics require less rote memory than the other Sciences
    Unlike Biology, which requires students to memorise facts about living things, Physics has much lesser memory work involved. This is great for students who prefer trying their hand out at questions testing their logical train of thought. The subject becomes highly rewarding then because you don’t rely on memorisation and regurgitation to score well. Instead, you rely on consistent hard work and practice. At the end of it all, you’ve really earned it.
    If you ever need help along the way to victory, consider taking up H2 Physics tuition classes. Expert tutors can help you overcome the hurdles to your perfect grade.
  3. Physics opens more career opportunities
    ‘A’ Level Physics tuition will be worthwhile once you graduate, because the career paths you can pursue with a Physics education is endless. Physics is essential for the study of engineering, which is one of the more sought-after jobs by the public service. In mid-2016, the Singapore government announced that freshly graduated public engineers will receive an increase in their starting salary. Private sector engineers are beginning to follow suit as well. Most engineering degrees in local universities will require you to have a background in Physics, which makes the study of Physics extremely important to prospecting engineers.
    Besides that, studying Physics in ‘A’ Levels still makes you eligible for competitive courses such as Law and Medicine (for Medicine, you will need to have taken Chemistry). This is the reason why the most common JC subject combination is PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics); it is the most versatile combination for all future job opportunities.
    Picking a subject combination is perhaps one of the most important decisions in a student’s academic life. Hopefully, with JC Physics tuition to guide you along the way, you will excel in your chartered path.
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