July 2017

6 Reasons Why Scientist Should Give Physics Tuition

July 31, 2017

Physics Tuition Singapore
Many aspects should be contemplated by parents and students when choosing a Physics tutor. However, the qualifications, educational records and interest for the subject should be at the top of your criteria in such cases.
While private tuition is very common in Singapore, Physics is particularly high in demand. Many professionals from science background are giving JC Physics tuitions, but here we encourage scientists to take this job. You may question why such a highly qualified individual with so many research ideas to pursue should opt for teaching. Well, here’s the answer.
Physics is a Scientific Subject
Physics is analytical in nature, and the best people who understand it are the qualified scientists. They have an active command on the subject and have practical knowledge of the domain that makes them especially qualified to give Physics tuition.
Hands-on experience to Teach
There is a lot of book knowledge already available online in the form of textual and visual tutorials. Moreover, students can easily access self-study resources in their college libraries, but the missing part is a practical experience. Scientists can quickly fill this area by relating to real life examples for each part that they teach.
Knowledge Required to Teach Physics
Physics is a conceptual topic to study, and students are taking this subject in higher classes as well. Therefore, the most important thing is to have a solid foundation with clear concepts before they enter their practical and professional life. A general science teacher can teach them the subject and fulfill their need for book knowledge while a scientist takes this subject as a bible of life connecting every action and reaction with the physics laws. Thus a Scientist should teach the subject as the level of implementation is very practical.
Top Scientists Taught Physics
The best example that we can give to relate and support our point is Albert Einstein. The reason he was so successful was that he used to teach Physics and while doing so, he could work on new theories and laws that helped him grow professionally as the best scientist as well.
Best in the Field to Get Help
Almost any excursion is made much easier if you have help from someone that has been down that same path before and can guide you in the right direction. Success with any learning is much more likely when you have the right kind of help. Scientists can help students who carry the same passion for physics by teaching and guiding them in a way that leads them to the path of a scientist as well.
Active Participation in Teaching Physics
There is a concept of active tuition and passive tuition. While a regular tutor can take Physics subject casually, scientists can actively teach students to fulfill their practical needs and understanding.
Most significantly, a qualified expert is able to put complicated physics concepts into simpler and clearer terms, making sure that the student can embrace and digest the details. This is critical to the success of Physics tuition.
In my opinion, every expert should give a try in teaching at least once in their career. While students will get to see the subject in a new light, experts will also come across ideas that may guide their future research. Moreover, you cannot claim to know something well if you are unable to teach it to someone else!

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