Jun 2018

TV Programmes to Spark an Interest in Physics Among Youths

June 19, 2018

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There is every aspect of technology in our lives, and the best place to lay the foundation for a better future is to make sure teachers get involved in technology in almost every area of their teaching. The current student population has taken the mobile craze into their hands, and therefore, the school curriculum in Singapore sees the need to tap this potential and help the students in their learning, preparing them for a competitive workplace in the future.  

The Ministry of Education (MOE) initiated an effort way back in 1997 to incorporate technology in learning by starting a programme called the “schools of the future”. The idea behind this project was to see how education and technology can be used in practical lessons such as physics and other sciences. The best physics tuition in Singapore has to be founded on technology to enable students to achieve excellence in A-level physics. Through various TV programmes such as The Big Bang Theory and Rick and Morty among others, students can be enlightened on how the universe works and how they can relate to the environment.

Advocating for the Best Tuition Centres

The government advocates for the best A-Level physics tuition centres primarily to focus on introducing the technological aspect of learning physics in schools. Through such programmes, Singapore’s Ministry of education supports programmes that offer numerous programmes that help students regain confidence when learning.  Some of the most popular TV programmes targeting young people include:

The Big Bang Theory and the Physics Boom

There has been an increasing interest of students taking up a-level physics tuition. The comedy sitcom revolving around two young physicists is being credited to the rising interest of youth to take up unfashionable subjects such as physics. The way the characters portray themselves is likely to drive students to take up physics as a “cool” subject. Experts within the ministry of education think that the TV series plays a major role in the increased number of physics students. Some think that if teachers can tap into the success of the lead character outside the programme and how they carry themselves in the program may increase the youth’s interest not only in sciences but also in physics.

The Physics behind Rick and Morty

The physics curriculum as drafted by the ministry of education is supposed to help students relate to the universe around them. Rick and Morty bring in the perspective of the many alternate universe and realities that are coming up as the dominant theme in A-Levels physics tuition. The show is founded on reliable physics references that students can easily relate to. This show helps students and teachers reflect on the reality of physics and easily spurs scientific debates.

National Geographic Shows

In general, an active physics student should know that an alternative way to learning is through watching some science-related shows on National Geographic channels. When students get to watch shows like Tornadoes, National Parks, Machines, and Man vs Wild teaching of physics becomes easy for the teacher.

Use of technology or TV shows to enhance student’s understanding can be taken as a guide to help the ministry of education through the teachers to come up with a practical and engaging lesson. Such programmes expose individual student’s abilities and differences, and thus the institution can come up with better ways of handling physics tuition.  The government in line with their 1997 initiative has put in place measures and instructional strategies that can be used effectively to support the youth learning progress and put theories into practice. The same applies to teachers who by adapting to the new teaching methods can sharpen their skills, therefore, giving students first hands experience on how to answer questions and work on practice exam papers.
The change in direction by learning institutions is not to change focus to technology but to use technology to enhance teaching and learning. Two programmes supporting this initiative are the Classroom of the Future (COTF) and eduLab under the ministry of education. These programmes support learning through experiments in schools and teachers can through the programmes learn more about how schools in other areas have incorporated innovative technology into their A-level physics tuition. The COTF is an example of how Singapore’s learning environment should be in the future. Through such exposure, the teacher and student imagination spread through such creative TV programmes and continue to nurture interest among students and teachers.

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