Mar 2017

Finding a Good Study Location

March 1, 2017


If you want to ace your exams, other than going for JC physics tuition, studying it in the right environment to promote learning. Here are some of our top tips to help you study well.

What do you know about how you learn?

This is actually a very important part of figuring out how to study, and what space will support you through the experience. There are people who actually prefers loud and busy spaces- that may mean studying in the kitchen surrounded by family, or at a coffee shop where they can people watch during rest breaks. On the other hand, there are those who think that every small sound is a distraction, they are going to do better in a private space like their bedroom.

It is important that you are honest when you ask yourself. Sure, maybe you ‘like’ to study in Singapore’s most hipster café, but that’s because it’s a convenient distraction and excuse not to get work done. Be honest- out of the times you have studied before, what was the best environment for you?

Setting up your space

How can you make any space a good one to study? Even a non-ideal space can be made better with a few tweaks.

Firstly, your desk and chair need to be comfortable, they should support you in a position where you will not feel pin & needles, but not too comfortable till you doze off. For the comfort of your spine, you should be able to rest your elbows on a table, your feet should touch the floor, and there should be adequate lighting to make reading easy as well as using a laptop. Natural light is always the best option if it’s available.

Before you start your study session, take a moment to make sure everything you may need is close by. This includes stationery, something to drink, notes from physics tuition, scrap paper- anything you may need. Try and organize your study material a little too, at least by topics. A clock is only a useful tool for some while others may be annoyed by it.

Lastly, it’s time to cut the distractions. This includes anything that will take your attention away from the task at hand. It especially applies to your phone and emails on your laptop. It’s difficult to ignore the lure of a new message or notification, so to make it simple- turn it off or leave it somewhere in your bag in airplane mode.

Based on the above points, you should have discovered what the best study stimulus is for you personally, and set up our space correctly- now it’s just to get the studying done. Good luck!

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