Mar 2018

How Should You Tackle Your Physics Multiple Choice Questions Exam

March 6, 2018

Physics as a subject is very crucial not only in engineering and technology but also the medical field. Hence many students take this course either at the high school or university level. Among the challenges Physics students face are multiple choice questions. Examiners today prefer this type of questions since as they are faster to mark and some physics paper standards only require these kinds of questions. Therefore, it is almost inevitable to encounter them in the course of your study. These questions feature up to four multiple choices from which you select your answer. The challenge, however, is that regardless of your intelligence or consistent physics tuition attendance you will find these questions confusing due to similar ideas they present; yet only one option is correct. In order to ensure you pass your physics exam, you therefore need to tackle these questions in the most intelligent way possible. This article provides smart MCQ answering techniques for better physics performance.
Read and understand the questions
Understanding a question implies finding the keywords and what the question requires from you. You need to identify the specific topic the question tests and whether the problem is a direct or application question. Identifying the topic enables you to get a clue on the formulas and concepts to apply. Where the question is technical, sketch a diagram to enable you arrive at the correct answer.
Use the formula sheet to answer questions
Solving problems in physics requires you to grasp the basic formulas. In most cases, the formula sheet is provided. However, when a formula sheet is not accepted in the exam room, consider mastering all the relevant formulas before the exam. You can also write the formulas on your booklet once you settle in the exam room for reference.
Evaluate all the answers
This implies checking each answer’s dimensions to filter out options. Filtering the possibilities involves cancelling out every unrelated answer, narrowing down the possibilities to finally land on one solution. While doing this, go back to the question frequently to ensure you only filter unrelated answers.
Employ smart guessing
MCQ questions can leave you in a dilemma, especially when you evaluate the answers and remain with two or three debatable options. When this happens, save time by applying your guessing skills. However try as much as possible to minimise guesswork by all means, since it is dependent on luck. While doing this, note that your first answer is usually correct and stick to it.
Do away with the outliers
Some answers are just off target. For instance, when doing a calculation, you may find a decimal solution at your first attempt. Your second attempt may give you a whole number but one similar to your first answer. Other answers, on the other hand, may include figures with millions or even negative numbers. These are what we call outliers and you should cancel them out first before you can start differentiating your two disputing answers.
Finally, while physics remains a crucial subject in Singapore, ensure you pass its tests. This, however, is only possible with prior thorough studies and revision.

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