Mar 2018

Tips To Grasp Complex Physics Concepts Easily

March 28, 2018

Physics is the subject that gives most of us headaches for days and nights. Even after constant struggle, most of us fail to understand the simple concepts, let alone difficult ones. It requires you to solve complex math problems like a pro.
As much as this subject is complex, physics can be fascinating too. Physics has been the sole cause behind several innovations, which is why students always try to get a better grasp of the subject due to its wide scope.
If you are unable to understand the complex physics concepts, you may find the following tricks helpful:
Mastering the Basics
The key to understanding complex concepts is to first understand the basics. If your basic concepts are not clear, how can you expect to understand those that require a higher level of thinking? Almost all complex problems will have these basic concepts as their foundation. A simple technique in learning a concept is to create a mind map. This will help you understand the relationships between different subjects and their underlying principles.
Work on your Math
This is common sense that if you want to understand physics, you need to work with mathematical equations and formulas at your fingertips. If you are not very proficient at math, we suggest that you start working on it, before improving your physics. Most of the complex and basic physics problems require you to solve complex mathematic equations.
When you look at a physics problem or concept, you will naturally think that it is difficult to understand or that you might not be able to do it. We suggest that you remain calm in that situation and try looking at it from another perspective. Once you start simplifying the equations and problems, you will realize that the original problem is not that challenging after all.
Use Diagrams
The best way of understanding a difficult concept is by illustrating it with diagrams. Now that we have already emphasized the importance of mind mapping, diagrams and graphics are equally helpful. Should you encounter a difficult concept, we suggest that you illustrate it and utilize the help of a diagram. As visuals tend to stick to our memory, you will be able to memorize it for a longer period.
Once you have done all of the above steps it is time for some revision. The best way of revising what you have recently learned is through flashcards. Take note of the equations, theory, measures, principles and concepts that you think require some reinforcement. Then write them down on flashcards and take a quick test. Alternatively, you may seek physics tuition to assess your conceptual knowledge and skills in timed examination settings. Completing test papers can help to identify the topics where you are weak in.
These are just some of our tried-and-tested tricks for learning physics. As physics can often be boring, it is useful to invigorate your interest in the subject by using different learning techniques. Physics should not be something to be scared of. You just need to plan your studies and ace the subject thereafter.

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