Mar 2018

Weighing Between Cost and Benefits of Having Physics Tuition

March 21, 2018

Society today is changing and so is the education sector. Only a few years back, kids underwent through the standard education system without the need for remedial classes. The results were still excellent. In today’s world however, many parents opt to send their children for tuition. In fact, at least four out of 10 parents take their children for preschool tuition in Singapore. In secondary schools, this situation worsens with remedial emphasis on academic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry. While most parents think that these classes benefit their children, some academics argue that very little, if any improvement comes about from attending remedial classes. In fact, they blame tuition for robbing the social lives of these children.  Despite this, most parents and teachers still insist on having these remedial sessions, especially for sciences.  In this article therefore, we will narrow down and look at the costs and benefits of physics tuition.
Physics trained human resources is crucial for Singapore`s technologically inclined economy hence the great emphasis on physics. In fact, the prevalence of tuitions in Singapore is now a cause for alarm. Despite this pressure, a critical analysis of the costs of these remedial classes is crucial as in some instances; they may result in more harm than good. Remedial classes, regardless of the subject, come with some costs. Research states that tuitions are not only a waste of time and resources, but also makes the individuals concerned counterproductive. In fact, too much tuition can negatively affect academic performance.
Secondly, while the students spend a lot of time on books, an opportunity cost as these children can no longer participate in social activities and events like sports, arts and music. The result is a social crisis characterised by poor teamwork, coordination and communication as kids lack the time and energy to develop these qualities naturally.
While remedial physics classes have costs, they also have benefits to both the learner and society. First, in a typical class setting, tuitions have fewer students and more teachers hence more attention. The result is an opportunity for customised lessons, which do not only suit the student but also their field of study. Thus, students are more practical in a tuition setting as the teacher can relate every concept in broader terms. Secondly, in a tuition setting, students are better placed to choose the right teacher; this enables them to even go as far as looking for trained professionals in a specific physics fields hence more understanding and thorough coverage of their studies.
Tuitions also provide more study materials for the students. This is especially the case for private tuition. Besides the use of textbooks, tutors are free to use any other material they find useful. Among these materials include newspapers, journals or even an online platform. With an online platform, the tuition is convenient as students access the reading materials from any location hence increasing it’s cost-effective.
Finally, remedial physics classes have a practical approach. That is, they tend to emphasise on applying the concepts learned in class to real life. This not only enriches a child with theoretical concepts but also makes them more knowledgeable through application, equipping them with problem-solving skills.
Therefore, as a parent or teacher, before taking your child for remedial, it is wise to weigh the costs and benefits. It is also essential to understand your child as physics tuition produces different results for different children. Most importantly, ensure you strike a balance between your child’s social and academic life.

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