Mar 2020

Why Corporates Seek High Demand For Graduate Physicists

March 26, 2020

The biggest concern for most students today has more to do with the job market, about the expected salary that they will receive rather than getting good grades. It’s true that a sizable number of students who pursue physics study have a dream of one day becoming a professional physicist. However, others wish to pursue careers in the industry, non-college education, and government.

Physics is a fundamental path that helps students with analytical solutions to complex problems. From lower learning to senior levels, physics is often regarded by students as a complex subject. Thus, many resort to physics tuition to better understand and learn physics.

It is known that many corporates are seeing a high demand for graduate physics. Here’s why.

Physicist Job Description

Naturally, a physicist is curious about the natural world’s properties, such as atom formation. They help in developing specific scientific theories that will help humans explain the reason for most happenings. They may also want to look at the evolution of the universe and the properties of molecules.

As such, a physicist develops medical equipment and advanced materials to make the work of humans easy. In simple terms, the physicist finds solutions to the problems currently facing the world.

Preparation for Different Career Paths

Many students in Singapore are not entirely sure about what to do after completing their physics course. While some courses restrict you to a specific career path in life, physics is different. The subject gives you a strong background for employment.

As you join college or university, your job market point of view may not be as bright as the time of your graduation. At the end of the course, you become more aware of your dislikes, strengths, limitations, and likes. Here are some of the things physics graduates should consider.

Physics and Other Related Subjects

While the fundamental thing for a physicist is passing physics, most corporations look at your performance in other related topics. Communication skills, for instance, are useful since the industry requires a lot of discussions. The more subjects you take, such as mathematics, chemistry, geology and astrology, the more prepared you will be for the job market.

Students pursuing theoretical physics are advised to take as many mathematics courses as possible.

Government or Industry

Compared to students pursuing other physics courses, those who go into government or industry are less critical. Surveys have shown that students in government or industry sectors were not as good as their colleagues. However, even if you are not that good in physics, your communication and interpersonal skills need to be on point.

This is because the industry is likely to involve a lot of writing and verbal communications. Other skills, such as computer skills and teamwork, are excellent to have. You can use extra-curriculum activities to help you demonstrate and allow you to work better with others.

Financial Sector

Unlike in the past, most commercial companies are interested in hiring physics and maths graduates. These groups of students are comfortable with numbers and are not afraid of taking on technical problems. They help the sector in the interpretation of messy-looking equations that most employees cannot comprehend. In addition, statistics is a common thing for many companies as well.


As such, we see that corporates seek a lot from physicists and why they are currently seeking a high demand. To become a physicist, you must earn a doctorate. Even with just a degree in physics, you can still be granted work as a research assistant in fields like engineering and computer science. Masters students in these subjects are more than likely to find employment in the federal government or teaching. However, to become a physicist researcher, you would need a PhD degree.

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