Mar 2023

4 Benefits of Reviewing Physics Past Year Exam Papers

March 31, 2023
4 Benefits of Reviewing Physics Past Year Exam Papers

Preparing for a critical Physics exam can be very stressful. No matter how prepared you think you are after all those countless nights studying and answering the practice exams you prepared, you can’t tell what the question paper will look like. Every student follows a specific study plan. While some prefer to take the test without learning about the format and focusing on the concepts, some students only feel confident if they know the types of questions that might appear during the examination process.

Practising for your upcoming exam is a great way to be a successful physics student and achieve the grades you wanted. Although there are different study methods, studying from past exam papers is one of the most practical ways to do so! Reviewing the previous Physics exam’s questions, types, and formats to help you prepare can be incredibly beneficial. Read on to learn about these benefits.

1. Self-assessment

The more Physics past year exams you can study, review and answer over again, the more you can assess your level of knowledge and preparedness. Learning past exams can help you determine which topics and concepts you need to work more on and familiarise yourself with the exam types and the structure format of the paper.

2. Work on weak spots

In connection to the previous point, studying past year’s test papers allows you to assess yourself. It means determining your strengths and weaknesses. Are your past test papers consistently received a low grade in the problem-solving area? Or your concepts section has more bad marks than the correct ones. Checking your past test papers can help you determine the areas or exam types you must work on.

3. Enhance time management

Time management is one of the essential factors to consider when answering an exam. Spending less time on one question or section lessens the time it takes to tackle other exam areas or double-check your overall paper. With a past year’s paper, you can train to manage your exam time well by answering the questions while keeping track of time until you finish. Distribute the time allocated wisely on all the types of exams, and leave a few minutes to double-check if you’ve tackled every item.

4. Prepare psychologically

Students usually feel especially nervous and anxious when exam day is near. Aside from debating whether they are prepared and have studied all the topics being tested, you might wonder what the exam format is going to be. Including your past year’s exam paper in your study routine can help alleviate your anxiety, as you already know what the exam would look like!

The past exam papers can help you familiarise yourself with the questions so you won’t have to wear yourself out thinking about those things and can instead focus on your exam itself.


Exams are crucial to every student’s life; you’ll answer hundreds of them before completing your studies! Thus, it’s vital to be prepared. Research past year exams, ask your teachers where to get them, or seek help from your physics tutor in Singapore for more resources. Tuition Physics is the premiere tuition centre for all your Physics needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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