Weekly Encouragement

“To the weak, difficulty is a closed door. To the strong, however, it is a door waiting to be opened.  Difficulties impede the progress of those who are weak.  For the strong, however, they are opportunities to open wide the doors to a bright future.  Everything is determined by our attitude, by our resolve. Our heart is what matters most.” – 28 May 2012

“In the context of true happiness and the true purpose of life, fame and momentary glories are no more than illusions.  True happiness lies in cultivating an unwavering state of life.  This is life’s true purpose.  With the right mind-set, we can change our sufferings into the ingredients for attaining such a steadfast state of life.” – 21 May 2012

“It all comes down to hope.  If we advance with hope and buoyant spirits, then we have nothing to fear in either the present or the future.  Life will continue to progress as long as those who uphold it remain vigorous and well.” – 14 May 2012

“We have to make ourselves heard.  We have to speak out for what we believe in.  When we, the people, boldly state our true convictions – never losing our optimism or sense of humour – the times will change.  When it comes to speaking out for justice, there isn’t any need for restraint.  On the contrary, to be reserved or hesitant under such circumstances is wrong.” – 7 May 2012

“No matter how good the preceding years may have been, one’s life ends in defeat and sadness if the final few years are miserable. On the other hand, someone whose last four or five years are happy and filled with joy can be described a winner in life. No matter what happens, even if we should fall sick, we must never grow discouraged or allow ourselves to be defeated. This is vital. As long as our spirits are undefeated, we are victors.” – 30 April 2012

“Cowardice is harmful and it obstructs our personal advancement.  The fainthearted have little chance of savouring the true benefit of happiness; their ability to tap the power of life is enfeebled.  Muster your courage!” – 22 April 2012

“Rise to the challenge of revolutionizing the area where you live into an ideal community and do so with the determination to start from where you are right now. This means building a good community in your local area – and building it yourself with loving, painstaking care, the way an artist pours his or her heart and soul into creating a work of art.” – 16 April 2012

“No matter where we go, we cannot escape from the sufferings that are part and parcel of life. If we cannot avoid these sufferings, then the best route is to overcome them. While doing so, we might as well live joyfully, vibrantly and with vigour.” – 9 April 2012

“Those who make many friends have greater opportunities for growth and self-development; as such they make society a better place and lead happy, satisfying lives. In every situation, human relations – communication and personal interaction – are vital. We need to initiate and nurture friendships and contacts with many people, both within an organization and in society at large. Our lives will open and be enriched to the extent that we do so.” – 2 April 2012

“What is true joy in life? This is a difficult question – and one that has occupied a great many thinkers and philosophers. Joy can quickly give way to suffering. Joy is short and suffering long. Also what passes for joy in society is often superficial. The key lies in cultivating a state of mind where we can declare without reservation that life itself is a joy.” – 26 March 2012

We must live with vibrant hope.  Nothing is stronger than hope.  Life is itself eternal hope.  Happiness belongs to those who never despair, no matter what happens.” – 17 March 2012

“We mustn’t be afraid of anything. It is important to remain firm in our convictions. There is a great deal of scheming and duplicity in the world. It is foolish to allow ourselves to be swayed by such things; it only leads to unhappiness. Be strong my friends.” – 11 March 2012

“We each have to strengthen and develop ourselves through our own efforts. We must never surrender to any foe or difficulty. We must be fearless. This is the true spirit of self-reliance.” – 3 March 2012

“Day in and day out. Today and again tomorrow. Moving on one’s own accord to take action, to meet with people and conduct dialogues. This is what great leaders did. Herein lies the correct way of life for human beings and the path of true spirit. This is the rhythm of our advance.” – 26 February 2012

“Ralph Waldo Emerson says, ‘Good-nature is plentiful, but we want justice with a heart of steel, to fight down the proud.’ If people are merely good-natured, then those who are arrogant and high-handed will have free rein to carry on as they please. Only those who fight with hearts of steel are people of justice.” – 18 February 2012

“The spirit of each day lies not in magnificent ceremonies or high-sounding words. It lies in being victorious over one’s negativities. That is the most crucial thing in all endeavours. No matter what excuses we try to make, giving in to defeat brings misery and loses us the respect of others. Please adorn your life with indestructible triumph!” – 12 February 2012

“Many things happen in life. There are joyous days and times of suffering. Sometimes unpleasant things occur. But that’s what makes life so interesting. The dramas we encounter are part and parcel of being human. Please develop a strong self so that you can enact the drama of your life with confidence and poise in the face of whatever vicissitudes you may encounter!” – 5 February 2012

“Adversity gives birth to greatness. The greater the challenges and difficulties we face, the greater opportunity we have to grow and develop as people. A life without adversity, a life of ease and comfort, produces nothing and leaves us with nothing. This is one of the indisputable facts of life.” – 26 January 2012

“When youth are awakened to a sense of mission, their power is limitless. Ultimately, a country has to entrust its hopes and visions for the future to the youth. This is a golden rule. Youth will rise up to fulfill ideals without calculation or self-interest.” – 19 January 2012

“Our family and friends are linked to us by deep bonds. If we support and protect this circle, they will act as protective forces in our environment, supporting and keeping us from harm time after time. Treat your family and friends with utmost respect and treasure them well!” – 13 January 2012

“When leaders are enthusiastic to keep on learning and growing, they inspire others. New ideas emerge and spread. Fresh energy to advance surges forth. Instead of pretending to know all the answers, assuming an air of wisdom, let us always strive for greater understanding and insight into all manner of things, so that we can continue learning together and spur one another to grow.” – 5 January 2012

“At a crucial moment, it is the strength and courage of ordinary people who have no name or position in society that save the day.  The famous, the well-connected, almost always have too much to lose, and they abandon the cause in order to protect themselves.  Muster your strength and courage my friends!” – 27 December 2011

“Youth are the leaders of the twenty-first century.  For that reason it is important that you have an understanding of history that you can see through to the heart of things.  A penetrating view of history is essential.  A superficial one won’t suffice.” – 17 December 2011

There is no retirement age in hopeSincere hope never ages.  Those who exert themselves for the sake of others are ever young.  Our heart is what matters most.  Let us strive to the end of our days with hope and joy!” – 7 December 2011

“In all things patience is the key to victory.  Those who cannot endure cannot hope to win in Life.  Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forbear.” – 30 November 2011

“Cheerfulness is not the same as frivolousness.  Cheerfulness is born of a fighting spirit.  Frivolousness is the reverse side of cowardly escape.  Without cheerfulness there is no strength.  Let us strive to advance still more brightly and cheerfully!” – 21 November 2011

“While controlling your mind, which is at once both extremely subtle and solemnly profound, you should strive to elevate your wisdom with freshness and vigor.  When you do so, both your life and your surroundings will open wide before you and every action you take will become a source of benefit.  Understanding the subtle workings of one’s minds is the key to wisdom and attaining happiness.” – 13 November 2011

“Let us all set our sight on leading great lives dedicated always to truth and move toward that goal in good health, brimming with hope.  Let us live our lives boldly, without regret, advancing with patience, enthusiasm and a genuine spirit of friendship and camaraderie.” – 3 November 2011

“Strive for prosperity!  Strive for development!  Strive for  victory!  Life is about striving all out to achieve our aims; it is about hard work and effort.  Regardless of how smart you may be, intelligence alone cannot guarantee your future.” – 26 Oct 2011

“There may be times when life seems gloomy and dull.  When we feel stuck in some situation or other, when we are negative toward everything, when we feel lost and bewildered, not sure which way to turn – at such times we must transform our passive mind-set and determine, “I will proceed along this path,” “I will pursue my mission today.”  When we do so a genuine springtime arrives in our hearts, and flowers start to blossom.” – 20 October 2011

“A genuine learner is someone who gives measured thought to matters that affect others.  When talking with individual, ask yourselves: “What are they worried about?”, “What are they trying to say?”, “What are they  thinking?”, “What is it they seek?”  Try to discern these things in others.  Try to know.  Try to understand.  This is the challenge  of learning.  From such compassion arises knowledge and wisdom.” – 14 October 2011

“By earnestly devoting ourselves to life, we gain an ability to turn all obstacles and difficulties into benefit.  No matter how unpleasant the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can turn them into hope, into eternal happiness.  How incredible this is!” – 7 October 2011  

“All right, let’s get to work again!” – This is the spirit of people of genuine substance.  Those who avoid hard work or neglect the things they have to do, who just while away their time, eating, sleeping, playing, watching television – such individuals will never experience true happiness, satisfaction or joy.  Work hard towards your goals my comrades! – 3 October 2011

“The great French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote in his work Emile: “There is no happiness without courage nor virtue with struggle.”  Without courage and determination, there will be no happiness and it is impossible to create a life of learning and value.  Muster your courage!” – 23 September 2011

“There is no need to be impatient.  If you achieve something very easily right from the start, you will find no sense of fulfillment or joy.  It is in making tenacious, all-out efforts for construction that profound satisfaction lies.” – 17 September 2011

“To start an undertaking is easy; to maintain it is difficult. Though creating something new may seem daunting, it is in fact easy when compared to the far more challenging task of carrying on to develop it further. Press on!” – 9 September 2011

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.” – 3 September 2011

“Every person’s life is a brilliantly shining mirror.  Differences arise depending on whether one polishes this mirror.  With a polished mirror, one views strengths and weaknesses clearly, and can make wise decisions.  With tarnished mirror, one makes decisions based on ignorance and impulse.” – 27 August 2011

“Gandhi taught people to live with lion-like courage, impressing upon them that they could not afford to leave things up to others, that they had to stand up for themselves and fight for justice.  Ultimately, the only way forward is by developing self-reliance, forging a stand-alone spirit.  That is the only path to victory.” – 21 August 2011

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