May 2012

NUS Engineering 2012

May 21, 2012

NUS Engineering is organizing a series of outreach events again!  The events (lab activities, engineering challenges, talks and industry visits) are specially organised for students to find out more about engineering.
The indicative dates and brief description of the events are below.
1) REACT (25 July 2012, 8.30am – 6pm) – Registration is now OPEN!
This inaugural NUS Chemical Engineering Challenge is a team competition for JC students to try their hands on applying chemical engineering principles through activities held in NUS.  This event is beneficial for students who are thinking about taking up Chemical Engineering as their major in university.  Registration fee of $10 per student, includes food and a welcome pack provided.
2) Women in Engineering (August 2012)

This exclusive event for female JC students aims to expose students to engineering concepts and understand how engineering is more ‘brain’ than ‘brawn’.

3) Engineering Quest (Nov 2012)

The two-day event held during the school holidays will allow JC students to participate in activities at faculty labs, speak to faculty members as well as sign up for engineering industry visits.

Students attending our A Level Physics tuition classes are encouraged to participate!

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