May 2018

5 Ways to Help You Understand Difficult Physics Concepts

May 23, 2018

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Physics helps to know the world around us in a better way. However, if you’re a student, having 168 hours in a week might not seem sufficient to complete your assignments while learning the difficult concepts that Physics comes up with. Besides taking physics tuition, you can include some techniques to study the subject in a smart way and improve your grades.
Use different methods:
If you go through the same thing repeatedly, your brain tires out and you lose interest from the subject. However, you can use different media to learn the same information, and that’ll be more productive as it engages different parts of your brain. Your brain becomes more active, which in turn helps you to remember even the most difficult concepts in a better way.
While you’re learning a new topic, run through your class notes and textbooks, look for resources on the internet, solve some problems, engage in group-study or enrol in a Physics tuition class.  
Focus on understanding the concepts:
You don’t want to stuff yourself with information that you don’t even understand, as that’ll not help you in either achieving good grades or learning the subject properly. Instead of wasting time memorising the chapters, perform periodic reviews on what you’ve discovered. Ensure that you keep reviewing the older chapters along with the new ones so that you can retain the information on a long-term. Create a periodic review table and try to follow the same to get the optimal result.
Study multiple chapters every day:
Of course, you need to focus on a new concept when you’re learning, but you mustn’t neglect the chapters that you’ve already completed your Physics tuition session. Even though you’ve understood the concepts, it’s essential that you persist in the habit of going through the same concepts every day so that you’re able to remember them better.
Give your brain a workout by splitting your time to study each of the concepts daily and watch how you start comprehending the topics.
Shorten the information:
Use of mnemonic devices such as rhymes, acronyms etc. not only makes the topic interesting but it becomes easier for you to remember complex names easily. Apart from using the memory techniques, learn quickly by jotting down the concepts into tables, charts, diagrams or mind map.
Self-assessment is the key:
The more you engage in the practice of self-assessment, the better you’ll be able to understand the difficult concepts of Physics. Including different learning techniques and going through the chapters every day may make it easier for you to remember what you study. Self-assessment helps you to identify your weaknesses so that you can work on that until you’re ready to proceed. Remember that self-testing is a continuous process and you must routinely test yourself even if you’re taking Physics tuition.
Your aim of taking Physics tuition shouldn’t revolve around getting higher grades only, but you should also focus on learning the basic concepts of the subject. Analysing the problems effectively helps you in understanding the concepts even if they seem difficult initially.

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