May 2018

How to Build a Strong Foundation of A-Level Physics

May 31, 2018

Physics is a science subject that focuses on practical and theory-based concepts. For you to understand and excel in it, you have to start from the foundation. Understanding the basic concepts will make it easy for you to grasp the rest. A levels will build on what you learnt in your O levels.
If there is a concept, you did not understand at any of your lower levels, it is essential for you to sign up for Physics tuition to make the journey easy. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to understand the other concepts in your A levels. You need to note that each theory or idea builds on one you learned earlier in school.
Therefore, for you to pass in you’re A level physics, you need to understand all the concepts and theories. Even though you are one of the brightest students in your class, you may find it difficult understanding one or two topics. It is quite normal. However, it is no excuse not to find a way out of your hole. In this article, we explore tips you can use to build a strong foundation in this subject.
Pay attention in class
Your teachers are the bridge to straightforwardly unpacking the complicated concepts. If you are the know it all type, change and be more receptive towards learning. Drop all the thoughts that run through your mind during classes and focus. Your teacher has the skills and knowledge to help you understand the basics. Listen attentively and ask questions whenever you feel lost. Asking questions does not portray you as foolish but a curious student who knows what he wants. You can even follow your teacher after the lecturer if you feel you missed out something. The teacher will be glad to explain it further.
Enrol for tuition
The class set up may not always be adequate to cement your foundation. You may require going an extra mile. The Physics tuition will help you bridge learning gaps. Your lecturer has many students to focus on during the lectures. He may therefore, not have adequate time to pay attention to each student. Besides, time is always limited. However, the A level Physics tuition will give you an opportunity to enjoy undivided attention from your tutor. You can ask all the questions you have and discuss the concepts you found difficult during your lecturers.
Form discussion groups
There is no better way of learning than through study discussions. Form these groups with your peers and work towards a common goal. Ensure you all have similar study objectives to make it a success. Make the group small to make it manageable. You need to be careful with the study discussion to avoid turning it into gossip or political group. During the group, you can all discuss the topics that seem hard. It becomes easy when explained by your peers. Set the rules and ensure you all adhere to them. All the members should respect time allocated for the study group to avoid dragging each other behind. You can also select a group leader who will moderate the group and communicate with all members to create harmony.
Find out what works for you
What works for other students may not work for you. Find out the learning style that works for you. You may be better at studying on your own, or through YouTube videos. Once you understand the method that best works for you, studying will be easy hence building a strong foundation for your A level physics.
Work towards understanding rather than memorizing
If you a pro in memorising, then this will not work for the A level Physics. How would you memorise concepts such as the effects of global warming? Forget about this kind of approach and study to understand. Segment the topics in small parts and study each at a time. You can then proceed to look for questions on those topics to test whether you grasped the concepts.
Physics is not such a difficult subject. It requires commitment, passion and a change of attitude. You can also change the kind of friends you have if they are dragging you behind and are a terrible influence. Always remain focused whenever in class to ensure you are on par with your teachers. Signing up for Physics tuition will also not hurt. So look for one within Singapore and make your foundation strong.

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