Nov 2016

3 tips to help you find an efficient and expert physics tutor for your child

November 10, 2016

Are you in search of a tutor for private physics tuition in Singapore? You’re in luck! Here is an informative article for you while you are busy hunting for a renowned physics tutors in Singapore.

Singapore has become a hub for education, be it science or maths. There are enough of educated tutors available for teaching physics for students. However, you cannot choose anyone for the job just because of their education level. Instead, you need to ensure that the student will benefit in different ways from the private tuition. Check out the factors below before you hire the right person.

1. How experienced he is

Well, you need to donate a few hours to do a bit of research about the physics tutor in order to put your child to the right place. The years of experiences in physics teaching, the background knowledge the tutor has, the methods he implements in learning etc has to be reviewed. Try to get reviews from the former students of the private tutor as well.

2. How does he teach

The tutor and the teaching method he applies are equally important. Physics is a subject which needs to be taught thoroughly in order to ensure a bright career in science stream for the child. It can be taught interestingly with daily life examples for the child to understand the subject better.

3. Does he motivate the child?

The reason for the fear of most students towards physics is that they lack the motivation to learn the subject. That is why it is good to analyze the motivational techniques that the tutor implies to make the student get interested in the subject. As the saying goes, once you like the subject, you will learn it easily. Also, ask yourself whether the motivational techniques work with your child or not.

4. Availability of the tutor

No doubt that physics is a subject which needs to be taught in a fresh mind when the concentration level of the student is high. After a tiresome day in school, students might not be that attentive to understand the complex concepts and confusing problems in physics. It is important to check the availability of the tutor and make it possible for the child to attend the extra tuition with a fresh mind. Before hiring the tutor you need to ensure whether the tuition time fits for the child.
In case the student is unhappy about the tutor after hiring, do not hesitate to rethink your decision. The compatibility with the student and private tutor matters when it comes to tuition. More than that, the whole aim of giving extra coaching in physics is to make the subject easier for the student. If the goal is not met, it is better to hire another tutor.

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