Nov 2016

Here goes why you should study physics more passionately

November 4, 2016


Why should I learn physics if I don’t have the interest in it? Do you ask the question often to yourself? Has learning physics become a nightmare for you? Well, this article is definitely for you. You are not alone for sure if you have a fear towards physics.
Students might find it a nightmare even after attending school lessons and still going for prestigious physics tuitions in Singapore. However, a better approach would be to first understand why you need to study the subject and generate an interest towards it which would enable you to learn better. Here goes why knowledge in physics is essential and the reasons that second you should learn physics more passionately.

Why study physics?

The best answer to this question is that physics make you understand the world around you. It has answer to the entire ‘why’s’ you have around you in the universe. It has answers for why the sky is blue to why the sun gives light. It helps you to know the flow of electrons to the touch system in your mobile phone. It tells you why earthquakes happen to why winds blow.
As per the explanation of the American Physical Society, “Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory, and it leads to great discoveries, like computers and lasers, that lead to technologies which change our lives—from healing joints to curing cancer, to developing sustainable energy solutions.”
Physics opens the door of knowledge about the smallest particle to the largest universe. However, physicists understand that 95% of the universe is still beyond the sphere of our knowledge.

Good for brain

The evolution of physics solely depends on the ability to ask questions. The most famous example on this would be the apple that has fallen on Newton’s head and how the great physicist has come up with a definition for the gravitation which has enabled for greater inventions and discoveries in the subject.
Physics will make you think and thereby increases your analytical ability. Normally people with a strong foundation in physics will have high critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills.

Amazing career choices

Studying physics can assure you amazing job opportunities as well. After higher studies in physics, students can easily get into well-paid jobs or continue as a researcher in a number of topics. Starting from teaching to becoming a nuclear scientist, the options are many if you want to take up a career after pursuing higher studies in physics. Specializing in physics will help you to get the foundation in a number of courses like medicine, engineering, astronomy, computer science, etc.

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