Nov 2016

Try these tips if you want your child to be smarter in physics

November 14, 2016


Are you a parent of a secondary or JC student? Is physics a subject bothering your child? Physics is often considered to be a difficult subject to digest. It includes nature through motion, space, time, energy, force, etc. which many students find it difficult to understand.
However, there are many ways to make physics easier to learn. The golden rule is once the child gets start liking the subject, he will start learning it. The challenge is to create an interest in the student’s mind. Lined up are a few tricks to make your child interested in the subject and thereby make him smarter in physics.

1. Tuition helps a lot

Being an education hub, physics tuitions in Singapore are quite common. It is for you to decide whether to put the child to tuition or not. Going for A level Physics tuition certainly helps the student in different ways, provided the tutor is efficient and an expert in the job. The best part of tuition is that it will give the student individual attention which will in turn help to understand the weak points.

2. Involve in physics games

Students often find physics problems difficult and hard to solve. They create a fear towards physics problems due to lack of understanding on the subject. The study of physics is easier when the student understands the basic concepts and theories. Physics games will enhance student’s interest in learning the concepts in physics which in turn will help them to score better in academics also. Encourage the child to play physics games which will, in turn enhance their interest in the subject. It is a way to make the student become familiar with the theories in physics.

3. Make the child stronger in maths

Physics problems will be easier when the child has good math skills. The study of physics include lots of mathematical problems, which can be solved only through better understanding of the theories as well as knowing the mathematical equations. Once you improve the mathematical abilities of the child, physics become easier for them.

4. Make use of online resources

It is the digital revolution and information is at your fingertips at a swipe away. Make use of the available online resources for your child to get motivated about the subject. There are plenty of online resources, study materials, online games etc available to motivate the learner. Moreover, online tuitions have also proven to be very effective in learning physics. Online videos will also help in understanding the complex theories in physics better.

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