Nov 2016

Would you like to put your child to tuition in physics?

November 16, 2016


For the child to become a topper in class, parents leave no stone unturned. Especially in science and mathematics, students are often encouraged to attend h2 physics tuition as well as to get a better understanding of the subject and also in order to ensure a great future. Being a hub for education, Singapore is gifted with excellent tuition centres which give students amazing learning benefits. However, parents still lean towards giving extra physics tuition in Singapore even after proper coaching in school. Are you wondering why? Here are the reasons.

Individual attention

Each student is unique and every student have a different set of skills and learning capability. The best part of putting the student to tuition is that it offers individual attention. It opens a way for the teacher to understand the student’s strength and weakness and follow a customised teaching model based on the student’s calibre.

Choice of tutors

There are more than enough qualified tutors in Singapore, thanks to its educational culture. In school, the student does not get an option to select a teacher. Sometimes students might not be comfortable in dealing with a particular teacher’s teaching styles as well. However, when it comes to tuitions, students have this opportunity of choosing their tutor or replacing them if needed.

Better score

A student can openly speak and discuss their weaker points which is literally difficult to happen in school. Moreover, it makes it easy for the tutor to guide the student to outrun the fears and weak points. Thereby they will be equipped to overcome the weakest points and score well in school. Surveys do second the fact that children who take tuition often outperform others in academics; thanks to the proper coaching they get through tuitions.

Constant feedback

Another advantage of tuitions is that there is always a caring relationship that evolves between the student and the tutor. Normally in a school setting, the parent gets to know about the student’s feedback once in a month, for only a few minutes per session. When it comes to tuition, the parent gets to know about the student every day from the tutor and keep a track of the student constantly.
No wonder, tuitions are getting popular these days and students getting better access to educational facilities. After everything, the student will be more confident and enthusiastic about learning physics with an excellent physics teacher on his side.

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