Nov 2017

Effective Techniques for Grasping Complex Physics Concepts

November 23, 2017

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As fascinating as the pure sciences are, Physics is one of those subjects which gives students massive headaches. Even if they took the subject because they were intrigued by its contribution towards the technological development, they still have a difficult time understanding it. Most students will require physics tuition to excel at this subject.
To get good grades in this subject, it is essential that you have a grasp over the concepts. This is not something that you can memorise. You need to understand it. This article will explain the most effective technique that will help you understand even the most difficult of concepts.
This fool proof technique consists of five different steps which are easy to understand and grasp. If you follow this method correctly you will be able to understand anything. For physics, you need to have a certain template to understand the concepts.

  1. Getting the basics right

Most complex physics concepts are extensions of a basic concept. Start from there. Connect the new complex concept with the basic ones that you have mastered already. There are certain theories that you will find at the bottom of each complex one, so make a connection and come up with an analogy you understand. You don’t necessarily think laterally, you can try to connect the concepts vertically. Even better, try understanding the concept from every possible angle and you will find relevance.

  1. Improve your mathematics

Physics contains a lot of mathematical elements, so if you are looking to understand physics it is essential that you start working on your math. Physics will become understandable if you can easily adapt to physics questions to math formulas and problems. As you continue to study physics, reviewing previously learnt math will award you with a better understanding of physics concepts.

  1. Use diagrams and examples

Diagrams can be of great help when understanding several concepts. Drawings make it easier for you to understand the larger picture and you get a chance to relax your brain as well. By adding a visual aspect, we are able to process everything better.

  1. Simplify

Rather than complicating the situation, simplify it. Convert the difficult text into plain text so you can easily understand the concepts. Reading physics problems can be difficult to understand initially. However, if you have already simplified it, finding an answer would become easier.

  1. Add the technical aspect

Once you have the concept down, start adding the technical descriptions. Because it is Physics and not English, you need to use the right jargon and terminology. Just like you can hum music, for the orchestra to understand it you need to put on a music sheet. This applies to physics as well. You need to convert the simplified text back into the technical language unique to physics. Only this time it won’t be hard because you’ve already understood it.
Use flashcards as a form of revision. This process will ensure that you have a complete grasp over all the concepts. This was our top trick for understanding complex Physics concepts and learning them. If this still doesn’t work, consider attending physics tuition to help your understanding of the subject.

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