Nov 2017

Qualities to Look for in a Good Physics Tutor

November 2, 2017

Physics is one of the most common science subject that covers a lot of scope in many fields. This is one of the main reasons why many students in Singapore take up this subject as a core or as a part of their combined sciences module in school. Physics is the study of fundamental rules that can be difficult to grasp sometimes. Due to the tough competition and tough syllabus in Singapore, Physics tuitions have become a necessity for many students. However, it is important that students choose the right Physics tuition centre to ensure that the teaching style suits their needs. To help you find the right tutor, we have compiled factors you need to consider while looking for a good Physics tuition centre.
Choose a Dedicated Tutor
In Singapore, there is an array of Physics tuition centres that can provide students with many experienced tutors. However, a dedicated and passionate tutor is necessary. Physics is a complex subject which has concepts that are hard to understand. A good tutor should be able to explain Physics concepts in a digestible manner for the student. They should be able to create ways that will help students understand the subject better. Visualization is important in the subject as many concepts of Physics can be applied to daily life. Therefore, the tutor must be capable of making the students visualize them with visual aids.
Motivation is a Key Factor
A good Physics tutor must be able to analyse the student’s strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. He or she should be able to motivate the student so that they can improve and perform better in the subject. The Physics tuition centre you are opting for should be able to create concepts which will motivate your child to like the subject so that they can secure good grades in it. The teacher must also be capable of building confidence in their students so that they can work together as a team towards their goal.
Focusing on Your Needs
The most important factor to be considered while signing up for a Physics tuition in Singapore is knowing how they will target your child’s specific problems and help in improving them. This is not possible in schools as it is difficult for teachers to focus on every child in a class of 30 students. The ability to create a teaching program that revolves around your child’s needs is important. If you can see this quality in your preferred Physics tuition, then you can be assured that this will help your child in securing a good grade in the subject.
Overall, whenever you are looking for a good Physics tuition, it is necessary that the tutor you choose ignites love for the subject in your child. If your child is hesitant in attending this tuition every day, then the whole purpose is defied. An efficient Physics tutor is one who will help your child through the syllabus and make notes which is an integral part of learning.

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