Nov 2019

Why Learning Physics Can Help You Benefit The World

November 7, 2019

Physics is a subject that forms the very foundations of the sciences. Broadly speaking, it is a study of matter and energy and their mutual interaction. Physics has played an important role in the development of society and progression of humankind, and continues to do so today. In addition, learning physics has multiple benefits for the student studying it.

If you’re wondering why so many students are picking up physics tuition in Singapore, it is because physics is so important, not just in school, but for life. Find out why below:

Physics develops critical thinking

Physics is a subject that requires learners to analyse natural phenomena and work through problems and questions. Through physics, students pick up the scientific method of inquiry, learning how to form hypotheses and design experiments to test these. Students also need to learn how to apply theories they have learnt to novel situations. This hones critical thinking and trains them to think logically. These higher-order thinking skills are immensely important in today’s world that is crippled with massive problems that require real-time practical answers.

Physics is useful in many fields of study

For students, learning physics opens up many doors to related fields of study. This keeps their options wide open for higher education in colleges and universities around the world. Extending this to the career fields, learning physics will also help students get a step closer to many career fields in the future. For example, learning physics can be useful for programming, engineering, medicine, and more.

Physics can solve global problems

We have physics to thank for the generation of electricity, medical imaging techniques and robotic technology. This only scratches the surface on the immense benefits that physics has enabled humankind to enjoy. Even today, the world faces numerous problems like depletion of energy sources. Solutions to these problems can potentially be solved through imminent physics breakthroughs – just look at how far we have progressed with nuclear power technology!

Physics can further our understanding of the world

If you think that we know all there is to know about the world, you can’t be further from the truth. The fact is, there are still many things about the universe that even the most brilliant scientists do not know. By using physics theories and technologies, scientists can further humankind’s understanding of the world. With a strong grasp of physics, you can contribute to finding out about black holes, quantum mechanics, and more.

Indeed, physics is a vital subject that the world cannot do without. Don’t miss out on all these benefits of learning physics! If you are lagging behind in physics class, maybe it’s time to join a physics tuition class. Joining a physics tuition for sec 3 will train up your foundation in physics and ensure you will be well-prepared to conquer all the physics questions you encounter!

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