Nov 2021

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Attend A Physics Class

November 12, 2021

5 Good Reasons Why You Should Attend A Physics Class

Physics is the most fundamental science; it contributes to our understanding of the universe. Students have very different opinions on the subject; some may dislike it, whereas others find it fascinating. One thing is for sure; it is crucial to understand how our world works. With that, let us look into five reasons why you should take a physics class.

1. It helps you understand how the world works

As mentioned, the main goal of physics is to allow us to understand how things work. From how our muscles support us when we walk to how a car uses up its battery, physics is omnipresent, even in the most mundane things or activities in our lives. It is a vast subject with a diverse range of topics, which you will come to learn how intrinsically intertwined it is in our lives and recognize the beauty of science as a whole.

2. You learn something new every day

Physics as a broad subject is constantly evolving; the world and everything it holds is continuously changing. Almost every day, new items are being invented, and life-changing discoveries are made. This subject keeps you on your toes, excited for what is to come. You will be smitten by how it challenges your current knowledge and encourages you to continue learning and keeping yourself abreast with new information and knowledge every day.

3. You can develop a variety of skills

Physics is a life skill, and the learning you gain from attending a physics class will be adept in any life or work situation you may experience. Attending a physics class not only hones your knowledge and skills relating to numeracy, problem-solving, data analysis and the communication of complex ideas; these skills may even land you a spot in diverse sectors with high demand for physics.

4. Great career opportunities

Physicists are versatile; they learn to have an encompassing worldview when approaching or solving a problem and are not bounded by context, making them a desirable fit in almost any field. Physics is an excellent foundation for careers in finance, computer science, law, engineering, medicine, biology, and, if you are ambitious, even astronomy. Think about the endless list of career opportunities and experiences you would be exposed to when you decide to attend a physics class.

5. You can make an impact

Our world is full of limitations on what one can and cannot do, and it is a complex system to navigate. On the other hand, physics believe there are no more significant limitations with a great mind and research. This mode of thinking allows us to be curious and experiment with new materials and devices directly impacting human lives, pushing the limits of what we can achieve for the human race. You could be making an impact in the scientific community and as a contributing member of society! That is the ultimate goal of physics; to accomplish extraordinary things and inspire others to do the same.


Physics encompasses the most mundane things in our lives to the most complex unsolvable theories of the universe. Studying it makes us understand, appreciate and view the world in a whole new light, both scientifically and as inhabitants of the world.

If you are one of the curious minds out there, physics is for you. For those keen to learn more and who would like to pursue physics even as a career, kickstart your journey into the realm of physics with us at Best Physics Tuition™ Centre, and enrol in our “O” Level physics tuition classes today!

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