Nov 2021

Ace The Exam: 6 Killer Strategies To Study Well For Physics

November 19, 2021

Ace The Exam: 6 Killer Strategies To Study Well For Physics

Physics has a reputation for being a complicated and challenging subject to study. With all the complex equations and formulas to memorise and solve, on top of the advanced mathematical and conceptual understanding required, it is not surprising that one would slowly lose the motivation to do so with multiple topics to study! Compared to other technical subjects, it is application-based, and critical thinking is necessary to link concepts and formulate a centralised vision.

Though there is no easy way to learn physics, acing your physics exam will be a breeze with hard work, time, and effort. Whether you are enrolled in a JC physics tuition or studying independently after school, check out these six killer strategies to study physics effectively and ace your exams with flying colours!

1. Review all the different types of formulas 

Physics and formulas are joined at the hip, making problem-solving an essential aspect of your physics exam. With each formula, you will know and link concepts together and better understand the fundamentals of physics. Here are four tips on how to start reviewing the various physics formulas during your revision:

  • Understand what the formula means
  • Figure out what the formula is looking for
  • Know which formula to use in multiple problems
  • Apply the formula correctly

2. Write down notes

No matter what subject you are studying, making notes can be vital to grasp core concepts or help you speed-review the physics materials for an upcoming exam. When taking notes, a pro tip: try writing down concept meanings and your understanding of the different formulas or equations. This way, you will identify the concepts you have mastered and set apart various areas that you need to focus on and improve on.

It is essential to be clear and concise as well when taking down notes! While notes come in handy to keep the formulas and concepts at the forefront of our minds, not understanding what you have written or getting lost in a lengthy elaboration is counterproductive.

Should you move on to a more demanding topic with the previous ones being a prerequisite, with the help of your notes, revisiting these previous topics and refreshing your knowledge on them will be much more straightforward.

3. Review and practice past year exam papers

If you are not confident about an upcoming physics exam, you can always ask your physics teacher or tutor for a mock exam paper to practice on. On top of that, reviewing the past year papers for major exams allows you to be familiarised with the exam structure and identify repeated topics that you should pay attention to and practice more during your revision.

To be prepared is half the victory, so knowing what to expect when going in for the exam gives you a sense of security and a confidence boost!

4. Improve your mathematics skills

There is no physics without maths, so doing a recap on your maths problem-solving skills and formulas will better aid you in improving your understanding and application of the physics formulas and concepts. Taking this extra step will easily allow you to master the vital topics to ace the exam paper.

5. Analyse and simplify

To understand the formula clearly, simplify the given equation or problem scenario as much as possible. Remember to review your mathematics problem-solving course on simplifying equations to make this step effortless and stress-free! Every physics question may appear confusing and difficult to solve at first glance, but slowly analysing it helps you solve the physics problem effectively.

6. Stay calm and focused during the exam

After honing your problem-solving skills, learning and memorising all the critical concepts of Physics, and completing your final reviews, last but not least is the final battle: completing the exam paper. During the exam, always take the time to go through each question carefully not to miss a single detail, understand the problem scenario, and apply the appropriate formula to solve the problem.


Indeed, it can be daunting to start solving a physics problem or acing an exam without some nifty tips and tricks at hand! As such, if you find yourself struggling to study for an upcoming exam, rest assured that you are not alone.

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