Oct 2016

6 career choices if you have strong foundation in physics

October 6, 2016

 6 career choices if you have strong foundation in physics

During school time, most of the students find physics to be rather a difficult subject. However, parents do their best to give them the right coaching to get good higher grades in physics. The percentage of students going for physics tuitions in Singapore is a proof to the above-said fact.

Getting good grades in physics is not the only reason why students should be going to tuitions. Apart from high grades, the student has a number of advanced study options and career choices, provided they have a strong foundation in physics in school academics. Lined up are 6 wonderful job choices for a student passionate about physics.

  1. Physicist

To put it in simple words, a physicist will involve himself in studying more about nature. The physicist will do research to study the universe in a better way using theoretical and abstract mathematics. After getting higher degrees in physics, one can choose between researching on the origin of the universe or involve in inventing new equipment that makes life easy.

  1. Astronomer

The job of an astronomer is similar to being a physicist but the area of research can be different.  Astronomer focuses more on astrophysics, which is a branch of physics. They will study more about astral bodies, their existence, collect data about space, planets, galaxies etc, and also look into construction and maintenance of spaceflight.

  1. Radiation physicist

Radiation physicist is an amazing career option for anyone passionate about learning physics. One can opt for a higher degree in radiation physics and start the career as a radiation physicist. They provide advises and safety precautions on radiation-related suggestions and guidelines for using radiation in medical, industrial, research and other areas.

  1. Medical physicist

It is similar to the job of radiation physicist, but a medical physicist will work in a hospital. Medical science has progressed every day which makes the job of a medical physicist exciting. The medical physicist works along with doctors and clinicians on research, maintenance, and technical aspects of using radiation for different treatments. Mainly radiation is commonly used in the treatment of cancer.

  1. Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineer forms another exciting career choice for physics lovers. The primary job responsibility of a nuclear engineer is to do research on the functioning of nuclear facilities. They work on designs and operations with reactors, hydraulic and electrical systems etc in nuclear facilities.

  1. Physics Teacher

Last, but not the least, a person with a passion for physics can always opt to share his knowledge with the next generations. The job of a physics teacher in school and college is well-paid and interesting for people interested in teaching. There is always job vacancy in subjects like physics as most people prefer to go for research on the subject.

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