Oct 2016

6 tips for tutors to make physics classes effective and interesting

October 18, 2016

The demand for physics tuition in Singapore is always on a rise, given the fact that the subject is difficult for a large number of students and they need extra learning support. It is a challenge for home tutors as well as online tutors to teach physics excitingly and interestingly so that students gain a strong foundation in the subject.
However, the job of a tutor is to assist the students in learning the lessons taught in school. This article might be a great help to physics tutors as it includes six tips to excel in their job.

  1. Physics is interesting

The first step to successful learning is to create an interest towards the subject in the learner’s mind. Physics is often considered as a dry subject. The fact is JC physics can be taught interestingly by connecting the topics to daily life examples. The student will relate to the theories when it is connected to real life examples and thereby increase the interest of the student towards the subject.

  1. Focus on the basics

Once the students have a good sense of knowledge about the basic concepts in physics, the job of the teacher is half-done. It is always advisable to spend more time on explaining and making the student understand the basic theories in physics so that the student will find it easier to solve the problems.  Moreover, the mathematical abilities of the student need attention as well.

  1. Include games and humour element

This is just an extension of the first point. Including humour, engaging students into physics games, involving puzzles and riddles related to physics, etc will make students more interested in learning the subject. Devote few minutes daily to make the students relax and include fun-filled learning methods.

  1. Encourage students to question

There is a lot of discussions going around the concept of encouraging critical thinking in students these days. To become a good learner, critical thinking is a must. Encourage students in thinking critical about the concepts and make them ask questions.

  1. Make the study materials interesting

Rarely students find their physics book colourful and interesting. Tutors can include multimedia presentations, comics, funny quotes etc about the taught topics so as to increase the interest of the student. Moreover, students will not forget things they learn through fun.

  1. Take reviews and suggestions from students

It is always good to know what the student’s attitude about the teaching and level of acceptance about the tutor. That explains the reason for getting reviews and suggestions about the teaching methods.  It is advisable to talk to parents as well, once in a while, to have a better understanding of the student and thereby help in the learning process effectively.

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