Oct 2021

How To Know If You Should Engage A Reputable Physics Tutor

October 7, 2021


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For many students, signing up for additional tuition classes outside of school is a typical affair. With several challenging subjects to tackle all at once, the time spent in school is often not enough for us to master every complex topic with ease. And when it comes to studying an analytical subject like physics, students often require additional help to master the subject.

Attending tuition lessons is essential in ensuring that you keep up with the rest of the class and excel in your studies. Given the host of scientific formulas and principles to memorise, it is common to misunderstand crucial concepts, which can hinder your learning progress if a professional does not promptly address any misconceptions. Thus, let us share the four tell-tale signs that indicate you need physics tuition.

1. Consistently failing or barely passing your physic exams 

Sometimes, some students still fall short of excelling in physics even after putting in all their effort. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance where you consistently fail or barely pass your physics exams, fret not. This generally means that you have a weak scientific foundation or there are significant gaps in your learning, which hampers your mastery of the subject.

It may also suggest that the time you spend studying physics in school is not enough to meet your learning needs. Hence, when you receive a poor grade in your next physics exam, do not be discouraged. Instead, you should consider seeking immediate guidance from a tutor. This will help you get back on your feet quicker and tackle any outstanding problems before the next test approaches.

During your first tuition lesson, your tutor will typically access your performance to determine which topics you are struggling with. You can help speed up the process by identifying subject areas that you find challenging so that your instructor can revise those topics thoroughly with you. And in time, you can grasp past concepts quickly and foster a greater understanding of physics.

2. Struggling to understand physics concepts 

Physics is an extensive subject that is undoubtedly a challenge to conquer. With complex theories and new formulas scattered throughout the syllabus, you may struggle to keep up with the school curriculum. If you are still encountering difficulties getting the hang of the subject even after multiple revision sessions, then it is evident that you require further guidance from a tutor.

With more personalised attention and structured sessions to cope with your learning pace, you will begin to witness improvement in your performance upon attending tuition classes regularly. Moreover, when attending tuition classes, you are provided with a flexible environment where a single teacher imparts their scientific knowledge to a smaller pax of students.

Furthermore, during a tuition class, a tutor has more one-to-one interaction with their students. As such, you can raise any questions or clarify complicated physics theories quickly. Plus, you can even choose an instructor with a teaching style that best fits your needs – a luxury not provided in most classrooms.

3. Personal study times are a challenge 

Do you find yourself procrastinating amid self-study sessions regularly? If so, the lack of concentration may be the main culprit behind your impeded learning progress in physics. That can snowball into a ton of stress in the long run, for new materials eventually accumulate. By then, you may be overwhelmed with memorising all the relevant scientific concepts.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to study on your own after school, perhaps enlisting a physics tutor to help you with revision is necessary to pass your exams with flying colours. Having scheduled tuition classes can aid you in keeping track of your study times and ensure that you are not lagging behind the current syllabus. Additionally, the tutor can provide you with guidance and tips to help you solve a physics problem effectively.

During the few hours of your lesson, there will be no distractions, which will serve you well in keeping you focused throughout. Besides, your tutor will carefully monitor your behaviour and study progress. This way, you can concentrate on the topics you are studying and fully commit yourself to the lesson.

4. Lagging behind in classes

With so many students to teach in class, it is hard to get the full attention of your physics lecturer in school. Hence, students often hold back from clarifying questions or addressing confusing concepts with their teacher and choosing to self-study instead. However, they tend to lag behind the rest as self-revision is not sufficient. It then becomes tough for them to keep up with the pace of the class.

If you are finding it hard to keep up with your classmates, remember that you are not alone in this situation. However, that does not mean you cannot do anything about it. The next step is to seek assistance from a renowned physics tutor who can devote their utmost attention to improving your grades.

Even if you are a slow learner, do not feel discouraged. Tuition classes are set according to the student’s learning pace, and your tutor will patiently guide you in subject areas that you are not confident in. A tip is to give your tuition teacher a heads up about your learning speed, and they will assist you accordingly.


It is crucial to enrol yourself in physics tuition classes if you wish to hone your knowledge of the subject. Not only do they bridge the gaps in your academic journey, but you also attain sufficient revision to excel in your national exams. For some students, you may even find that tuition lessons have developed your passion for physics!

So if you are struggling with the subject, do not hesitate to reach out for help! At Best Physics TuitionTM Centre, we offer both O level and H2 physics tuition. With the help of our dedicated tutor, Mr Tony Chee, you may find your physics knowledge and grade improving significantly over time.

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