Sep 2017

Top 6 Reasons Singaporean Parents are turning to Private Tutors

September 4, 2017

Physics Tuition Singapore
Parents will usually spend some time searching for the right school for their children. Once they settle on a school, they expect that children to get the best grades and excel in their studies. However, that is not always the case. When the student brings home dismal grades, the parents may feel disappointed. Others students may maintain an average performance, which may still not satisfy the parent.
Students may perform quite well in most of the subjects but get poor grades in science subjects such as Physics. Parent may then feel that the student is not getting enough attention from the teachers in school, or that the teacher is not good enough for the student. Despite tuition being expensive, many Singaporean parents still find it a viable option for their children, thus opting to enrol the child for JC Physics tuition or A Level tuition.
Here are the top reasons why the parents turn to private tutors:

  1. Changing lifestyles

Due to increased cost of living in Singapore, parents are always in a rat race lifestyle. They are busy building their careers and working hard to pay the bills and ensure that their families do not lack essential needs. They, therefore, usually have no time to check the progress of their children in school. Hiring private tutors will then ensure that the students will get outside academic help when the parents are too busy.

  1. Weak subjects

A student may excel in all other subjects except one or two. In most cases, these subjects are usually sciences like Physics or Mathematics, which the student may perceive as difficult. The student may not get the concepts in a regular school set up because the teachers do not have the luxury of time to attend to the student personally. The parent, therefore, may prefer to enrol their children for Physics tuition or any other coaching to help the child master the concepts better with the hope they will get better grades.

  1. Lack of adequate guidance in school

The teachers in their school may be doing everything possible to ensure they attend to all students. However, the effort may not always be adequate, and the teacher may not meet all needs of the students. Parents, therefore, opt to seek the services of private tuition to give their children the extra attention they require in their studies.

  1. Prepare for exams

Parents may opt for JC Physics tuition to help their children prepare for any Physics exams. Tuition will be an excellent idea, as the student may feel unprepared for the exam, especially if they do not understand some topics.

  1. Stiff completion

Students in Singapore face stiff completion as everyone would typically try to secure places in the best colleges or universities. Going for tuition may then help them to get their best possible grades.

  1. Compensate for lost time

A student may miss crucial lessons in their regular learning hours due to situations beyond their control such as illness. Catching up on the content they missed during their absence could prove difficult for the students. Hiring a tutor, therefore, may help the student to catch up on any essential content.
Private tuition is typically helpful for students who wish to achieve outstanding grades in their studies. The student may be intelligent, but lack the necessary guidance they need to excel. Giving such a student access to private tuition will motivate him or her to work harder and strive for better grades. Therefore, if your child is not performing well in school, the services of a private tutor could make a difference.

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