Sep 2019

Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Private Tuition

September 5, 2019

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If you’re not struggling, you don’t need tuition, right? That isn’t true! Students may enrol in private classes for a variety of reasons, and being weak in a subject is only one of them. If you are wondering whether physics tuition is for you, take comfort in knowing that going for tuition is not something to be frowned upon, as many people take tuition to achieve different goals.
What types of students benefit from private tuition?
The typical scenario for going to tuition is when you are struggling to cope in a particular subject. This could be due to the pace of learning in school being too fast for you. It is not something to feel ashamed of if you find yourself slower than others in a topic. You might naturally have a lower aptitude for particular subjects, like how some people are just more inclined to numbers, and some are better are languages. A good tutor will be able to identify the areas that you are weaker in, and devise a plan to help you improve.
Students who are coping well may also enlist the help of a tutor to boost their grades to achieve specific goals, such as to enter a prestigious university. In preparation for competitive national exams, a good grasp of the subject is sometimes not enough, which is where tuition enters to build exam skills through rigorous practice.
Other parents may put their child in tuition classes under special circumstances that require the student to have more personal guidance. For example, students with learning or attentional conditions might benefit more from private tutoring than a classroom-based teaching system. Students who have missed school or transferred schools for whatever reasons are likely to also need extra help to catch up on the topics they skipped.
Why attend private tuition?

  • Flexible timeslots

Private tutors have a wide range of timeslots for you to choose from. Students who are busy with co-curricular activities and other classes will still be able to find a weekly slot that fits their schedule. Some centres or tutors will also be flexible to allow for changes in timing to accommodate students. Another advantage is the availability to join anytime. Thus, you don’t need to wait until the start of a new year, but you can join a few months before the exams if you feel you need help then.

  • Personalised attention

The biggest advantage of private tuition is the personalised guidance you get as a tutee. Private classes are conducted in small class sizes or one-on-one sessions, letting tutors give more attention to each student. Students who are too shy to ask questions in front of their class at school will also be able to have their queries heard by their personal tutor. With more individualised attention, the tutor can cater the syllabus to the student, focusing more on areas they need help in. This makes the learning process more efficient and useful for the student.

  • Improved Performance

So many people sign up for tuition because they have heard how it helped others before. If it has helped so many others before, why not you? Excellent tutors are on your side, and they genuinely want to help you improve. With their years of experience teaching the subject, they know all the ins-and-outs of the topics, and even exam trends, marking schemes, and tricks to help you learn better. Tutors are not just experts on the subject; they are also motivators, mentors, and advisors who will spur you on to healthy study habits and eventually, your desired goals.

  • Additional resources

Apart from the time they spend on you, tutors also share a lot of insider knowledge about subjects and exams that will be beneficial to students. Students often receive summaries like mind maps and cheat sheets to aid in their revision, and a wealth of past-year sample questions and practice questions. These provide additional help to tutees to consolidate their learning and put their knowledge into practice.

  • Minimise distractions

Classrooms in school harbour different types of distractions that can be detrimental to learning. For example, a larger class size means more classmates to talk to and distract one another. In private tuition, distractions are kept to a minimum as there are fewer students, or perhaps just you and the tutor. The tutor can also keep the students in check more easily as there are fewer students to handle. Fewer distractions promote better concentration, which is invaluable to learning.
You don’t have to be failing your subjects to take up tuition. Whatever learning goals you may have, a tutor can be beneficial to you to help you get closer to your desired achievements. If you have specific goals in the physics subject, our range of physics tuition classes will be just right for you!

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