Sep 2019

Versatility Of Physics: 4 Interesting Real-Life Applications

September 13, 2019

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Most students are intimidated by subjects like Physics, because they think it is only about calculations, derivations and theory. But if you actually took the time to read and understand about the various applications it has to our world today – you’ll be tempted to know even more!

Physics allows us to understand the natural phenomena and its impact on human beings. By mastering the principles of this subject, we can develop expertise in many fields and contribute to addressing the challenges faced by our people today. One can even say that many technological advancements owe their existence to the principles of Physics.

Now, let us show you how versatile this subject is and how it contributes to the real world!

The wonders of electricity

It is difficult to imagine modern life without electricity and we’re able to use it for numerous applications all thanks to Physics.

The invention of batteries, solar panels, development of wind and water-powered electricity generators are all because of the undying passion and efforts of physicists.

Electricity has indeed made our life easy because we can operate so many machines with it, including some that we use daily, ranging from television, air conditioner, computer, phones, washing machines, kitchen appliances and so forth.

Air travel and space science

Who had imagined in the past that it would be possible to travel by controlled flights and even visit astronomical objects?

Once again, physicists are the ones who have turned this imagination into reality.

This field has not only made travel faster and safer, but also contributed to the field of satellite communication and made the world more reachable and accessible.

Marvellous semiconducting devices

With the help of Physics, we have been able to find and work with elements that allow partial conduction of electricity.

These elements, known as semiconductors, have revolutionised our world, especially the field of solid-state physics.

The various voltage-dependent characteristics of semiconducting devices have enabled the development of transistors that serve multiple purposes. Although these topics are taught at standard school curriculum for those who opt for this subject, any interested person can learn about them by means of private physics tuition.

The unfathomable power of nuclear energy

It is difficult to imagine how such a tiny sub-atomic particle has the power to cause mass destruction in the world. We have all heard about the atom bombs that rocked Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Physicists have come a long way since then and harnessed the potential of nuclear energy for constructive purposes. Some examples include energy generation, medical applications like PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scanning, Magnetic resonance imaging and radiation therapy. All these advances have been made possible only because of people who chose to study this field in detail.

At the end of the day, Physics is not just about answering questions and solving problems from a booklet or examination paper. It offers a lot more value in the real-life world.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to pique your interest with these real-life applications. If you are, it’s about time you get down to business and start acing your classes and exams! It’ll go a long way in the future if you ever decide to be a physicist and make a real positive difference in the world.

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