Sept 2016

5 tips to make physics learning easier and faster

September 5, 2016

There is a well-known quote by Ernest Rutherford, one of the prominent physicists who formulated the nuclear theory, which says, “All of the physics is impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then it becomes trivial.”

The study of physics includes understanding nature science through motion, space, time, energy, force, etc. which many students find it difficult to digest. As it is mentioned in the quote above, once it is understood, physics is a subject that is exciting to learn. Here are five tips which are intended to help students on learning the subject in an easier way, that too sooner than before.

  1. Make it simple

As a first step, it is important to accept the fact that physics is a simple subject which you can learn. Love the subject before you start to learn. The theory as well as the problems may first seem to be complicated for anyone. But you can simplify the stuff and then understand it better. In case, you don’t understand it well in your school, try for an extra learning through physics tuition in Singapore. Once you understand the concepts in a simpler way, the fear towards learning physics will go off.

  1. Learn the basics

Physics includes a lot of theories and facts that may seem difficult at first. Try to understand the theories with the use of a mind map. When you have a clear idea of the basic theories in physics, you can easily solve the problems which are considered as tough for many students.  It makes no sense if you try to by heart the problems; instead, it is good to understand the theories which make you solve any problems. Plus memorize the basic consonants and equations which you often come across in the study of physics.

  1. Improve your math skills

Another point to note is if you have a good base in mathematics that will help you in learning physics easier. The study of physics include lots of mathematical problems, which can be solved only through better understanding of the theories as well as knowing the mathematical equations. Try to improve your mathematical abilities to make your physics learning easier.

  1. Use the resources

Using the available resources well will motivate the learner in you. You may have many doubts and questions while you learn. That is when you need to take the step to ask the tutor and clear off your doubts which will help to understand the topic very well. You can also check for online study materials and videos to have a deep understanding of topics you learn.

  1. Attend the lectures

Finally, do not skip your h2 physics tuition because you don’t like the subject. Instead, try to attend the class with better interest and a will to learn. As far as you try to be away from the subject, you can never master it. Understand the principles, equations, derivations etc and memorize it often. Problem-solving become easy once you know the theories well, and thereby you can learn physics easier and faster.

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