Sept 2016

Can you learn physics through online tuition?

September 8, 2016

Can you learn physics through online tuition

Well, students may find physics as comparatively a difficult subject to learn. When it comes to problems in physics, it is a nightmare for many students. However, taking extra lessons would make the learning easier and will enhance better understanding of the subject.

It is the age of digital revolution and online tuitions have become a common term. But many people doubt whether online tuitions works with subjects like physics and maths. Readphysics tuition in Singapore is common. At the same time, it has got disadvantages also.

The time factor 

Physics is a subject which needs to be learnt with a fresh mind and good concentration levels. Students might not be that fresh to attend the A level physics tuition classes after attending school or a tiresome day. That is when online tuition helps. One of the greatest advantages of taking online tuitions is that it enables students to learn at a time they prefer.

Less distraction

Normally people have a notion that online tuition is a machine to human interaction and is less useful. However, the fact is there will be less distraction in online one-to-one tutor classes. Students will not be bothered about what is going around, other stuff like the colour of the apparel or the materials around or the mannerisms while they interact with online teachers.

Choicely is more

In online teaching, students can choose their teacher without any geographical boundaries. There are many options while they search for a teacher as in gender, age group, academic excellence etc. Moreover, students can get check the reviews and mode of teaching about the teacher by connecting to the previous students before handpicking the teacher.

One-to-one teaching

Technology has enabled one-to-one teaching without geographical differences, provided both the learner and the student have an internet connection. The student will not have any peer pressure and will be more concentrated when someone of his or her choice teaches in a simple way over the internet. For subjects like physics, this kind of teaching will be more useful as the student will be more involved in the learning, without any distractions, at a comfortable time of their choice. Also, the student will get more time to enjoy as online teaching help to save the time of commutation.

Disadvantages of online tuition

Obviously learning physics through online resources has its own share of disadvantages and cannot be considered as a clear alternative to classical teaching methods. Experts say that it can never substitute personal interaction, especially when young children are considered.

 However, when it comes to extra tuition on subjects like physics, maths, online learning makes more sense. Students get the choice to find the perfect teacher who can make them learn the basic theories and concepts of physics, which will help them to like the subject more.

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