Sept 2016

Online Tuition vs Home tuition: Which is better?

September 23, 2016

Online Tuition vs Home tuition: Which is better?

Proper education at the right time is the most precious gift parents can give to kids. Hence parents make every effort to assure that their children get the right education within their capabilities. Since coaching in school become adequate for the child to get higher grades, parents think of giving extra learning support in the form of tuitions. The percentage of parents searching for maths or physics tuitions in Singapore is on a constant rise in recent years.

However, online tuitions have become quite common in the last decade which has put parents in confusion whether to opt for modern digital tuition methods or follow the traditional home tuitions. This article is intended to help those parents to reach out a better decision by listing out the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Is home tuition best option?

Home tuitions have become one of the best ways that enable students to get higher grades in subjects like physics and mathematics as students get private one-to-one attention from home tutors. Students, especially if they are slow learners, get extra attention and support to excel in their studies. Home tutors can realise easily the weak side of the student and correct it hence student will score high. It is also a platform for students to raise questions and doubts without any resilience which will enhance the curiosity of the learner’s mind.

However, the expense of home tuition may sometimes be costly for the parents as compared to other methods. Rather than that, normal tuitions will include more students which will instil the sense of competition among students.

 Pros and cons of online tuition

It is the age of digital bandwagon and tuitions have also become online. In online tuitions, the student gets to learn through the help of a whiteboard and an optional webcam. Online tuitions have proven to be an affordable option when compared with home tuitions and traditional tuition centres. It offers to learn more convenient and comfortable way as one can learn at the home itself. Moreover, the student can choose a comfortable time to study without any distractions.

The geographical differences also do not matter and students get to learn from experts tutors without any boundaries. It helps to save commutation time as well. There won’t be breaks happening in online tuitions when teachers move from one place to another as in traditional tutoring methods.

Looking into the disadvantages of online tuition, it may sometimes make the teacher unaware of student’s mistakes, especially in physics and maths. Humans are used to learning through face-to-face interaction and therefore might be reluctant in asking questions or clearing doubts. Moreover, the student needs to should be familiar with using the PC.

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