Sept 2016

What you need to know before you opt for physics tuition for your child

September 19, 2016

What you need to know before you opt for physics tuition for your child

Ask students to name the most difficult of the subjects they learn in high school, and physics will come on top. It is a common notion that physics is a difficult subject to learn and parents feel that the child should be given extra tuition in order to understand the subject.

It is not necessary that every student should be given tuition in physics. Mostly the school lessons will be enough for a child who is good at academics. However, giving extra classes through tuitions may sometimes make the child good in physics as well. This article will help you to decide whether you need to put your child for H2 physics tuition.

Before doing your research on the best physics tuitions in Singapore, ask yourself these questions to know whether your child needs extra tuition or not.

Is your child scoring low?

Did you find your child’s score in physics going to lows recently? As the child gets into higher classes, physics may turn a nightmare and difficult to learn the subject. It might be because the student could not understand the basic concepts which will create a fear towards the subject. Physics can turn a nightmare if the child does not have a good idea about basic concepts, units and theories. You can discuss with the teacher and realise whether the child needs extra coaching or not.

Does your child dislike physics?

The dislike towards physics may be a result of child’s inability to understand the concepts in physics. Every child is not the same in grasping capacity and learning the ability. For some students, the school coaching will be enough to understand the subject. But for others, it may not be sufficient. Instead, they need one-to-one attention and repeated lecture on the topics. Tuition can help the child to develop an interest towards the subject.

Is your child missing classes?

Reasons might be extracurricular activities to health issues for your child to miss classes. However, if the child is missing physics classes that teach the basics in school, it is good to give the student extra tuitions. Physics is not a subject that can be learnt without proper support from the teacher. Missing the basics of physics or lacking proper understanding will not help the student when he goes to higher grades. It has to be assured that the student understands well the basics of physics.

Is your child aiming for a career in physics?

Every child is different in capabilities, ambitions and choices. If your child is looking ahead for higher studies in physics and shows more interest towards the subject, extra lessons would be useful. The child gets a chance to understand the concepts deeper than what is needed in the school syllabus. Tuition will turn a platform for the student to be involved more in the subject.

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