Sept 2016

Why learning physics is important and how to make it interesting

September 16, 2016

Why learning physics is important and how to make it interesting

Are you a parent who is worried about your child’s score in physics? Apart from putting the student in physics tuitions in Singapore, there are more ways by which you can instill an interest towards the subject in the mind of your child. Here goes the importance of learning physics and how to build an interest towards the subject, which in turn will enhance the learning process.

The first step to study a subject is to start liking it and students often have an aversion towards physics because of its complex theories, confusing units, perplexing problems, mathematical calculations, derivations etc. Many students find it rather dry subject because of the nature of the subject. The fact is once the basic theories and fundamental facts of the subject are understood, then it becomes an easy subject which can be simply learnt and taught.

What is physics?

To put it in simple words, physics is that branch of science which deals with matter, including its nature and properties. The study involves heat, light, atoms, magnetism, electricity, etc, which needs observation and experimentataion to understand. It involves the study of nature that is applicable in the everyday life of its inhabitants. The subject is vast starting from knowing the subatomic particles to the unknown galaxies.

As far as a school student is considered, physics extends their knowledge zone to the relations between everyday objects they come across, how they occur, how they exist etc. For eg, how a car is accelerated, why apple is falling from a tree, how electricity is transferred, how communication is made possible, etc. Taking practical examples will help the child to understand the applications of theories and mostly the student will know the benefits to learning physics.

Importance of physics

As mentioned earlier, physics is about understanding matters of nature and its properties, and it deals with everyday life. The subject is relevant to many fields in life. The student may further choose any field of study, but it will be some way or the other related to the concepts in physics.  The application of theories in physics is everywhere around us, and understanding the subject is important and useful in many ways.

How to create interest in physics

Physics includes complex mathematical derivations and theories, which may create an illusion that the subject is tough. However, physics learning can be made easier by imbibing certain techniques in the learning process. When the student understands the basics of physics the job is half-done.   Flash cards, drawings, mind-mapping, etc will help students to learn physics easily. Plus having a good base of mathematical skills is also important.

Online videos and JC Physics tuition have also become a boon in learning process these days. Physics games are also popular these days to create interest towards the subject.


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