2018 Dec

5 Steps To Help You Not Forget Physics Teachings

December 24, 2018

Many people perceive physics as a tough and esoteric subject. However, physics is less memory based than most other sciences. Nevertheless, it requires someone to critically think and link concepts in order to understand phenomena and tackle problems.
To succeed in physics, you’ll need excellent memory, along with excellent study strategies.
However, few people are blessed with an excellent memory. We often have to cultivate good memory by training our brains how to remember stuff using certain methods or sequences. Below are five steps that’ll help you not to forget your physics teachings.

Workaround or Surmount Your Stress

A stress-free mind has more space to learn more, think critically and is more creative. Therefore, it goes without saying that working on your stress is the first, and most crucial step, you can make towards improving your memory of physics teachings.
Before going for a Physics tuition, ensure that you are stress-free.
How can you do that? Take about 5-10 minutes before the session and meditate to clear your mind. Attending class when your mind is calmer and more focused enables you to grasp more concepts and be focused.

Master the Basics:

Most problems in physics are based on a couple of core concepts from which everything else develops. It is highly likely that the problems you encounter during physics tests are based on these core theories or a variation of the same.
Instead of spending too much time on the complex problems, it would be better to grasp the basics concepts, get an understanding of the underlying principles and connect with different principles.

Try to Understand the Formula

Physics topics are often explained in theoretical terms and expressed using mathematical models also known as formulas.
You will come across several of these formulas during your ordinary class sessions and physics tuition sessions and sometimes that can be overwhelming to remember. However, since physics is a science that explains the physical world, the mathematical models can be related to familiar, day-to-day scenarios which can help you to remember.
For instance, whenever you go out shopping at the supermarket, think of Newton ’s second law of motion every time you add a load to your trolley. As the mass on the trolley increases, you’ll have to exert more force to move the trolley. Therefore, force = mass x acceleration.

Learn from Different Channels

Ask your tutor or colleagues at the physics tuition for insights on how to better memorise physics teachings.
You can prepare flashcards, form study groups, or revise the teachings out aloud. If you are with colleagues, don’t be afraid to ask for games you can play and incorporate physics teachings in the game. If you are alone, don’t just revise the formulas and teachings by reading, write them down and create formula sheets that’ll help you remember what you learned.

Finally, Practice Relentlessly

Repetition is the ultimate memory engraving mechanism known to man. Therefore, to engrave physics concepts and formulas in your mind, you have to be ready to practice solving sample problems relentlessly.
Use every opportunity available to solve problems without a formula sheet or textbook. After that, confer with your tutor during your physics tuition and see how well the teachings are engraved in your mind.

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