O Level and IP Physics Tuition In Singapore

Best Physics Tuition has earned its place as one of the top Physics tuition centres in Singapore through our well-researched syllabus and exceptionally dedicated Physics tutor. We aim to help our students gain the high scores they deserve by instilling in them a genuine love for Physics and the self-confidence to tackle challenging Physics questions. If you need that extra push to get your scores up, Best Physics Tuition is here to help you prepare for your O Levels and IP exams head-on with our effective teaching method. Overcome all your doubts and embrace Physics with Best Physics Tuition.


Syllabus for IP & Secondary O Level Physics in Singapore

1. Physical Quantities2. Kinematics
• Physical quantities
• SI units
• Prefixes
• Scalars and vectors
• Measurement of length and time
• Speed, velocity and acceleration
• Graphical analysis of motion
• Free-fall
• Effect of air resistance
3. Dynamics4. Turning Effect of Forces
• Mass Weight Density
• Balanced and unbalanced forces
• Free-body diagram
• Friction
• Moments
• Centre of gravity
• Stability
5. Pressure6. Energy
• Pressure
• Pressure differences
• Pressure measurement
• Energy conversion and conservation
• Work
• Power
7. Kinetic Particle Model of Matter8. Thermal Processes
• States of matter
• Brownian motion
• Kinetic model
• Conduction
• Convection
• Radiation
9. Thermal Properties of Matter10. General Wave Properties
• Internal energy
• Specific heat capacity
• Melting, boiling and evaporation
• Specific latent heat
• Describing wave motion
• Wave terms
• Longitudinal and transverse waves
• Sound
11. Electromagnetic Spectrum12. Light
• Properties of electromagnetic waves
• Applications of electromagnetic waves
• Effects of electromagnetic waves on cells and tissue
• Reflection of light
• Refraction of light
• Thin lenses
13. Static Electricity14. Current of Electricity
• Laws of electrostatics
• Principles of electrostatics
• Electric field
• Applications of electrostatics
• Conventional current and electron flow
• Electromotive force
• Potential difference
• Resistance
15. D.C. Circuits16. Practical Electricity
• Current and potential difference in circuits
• Series and parallel circuits
• Potential divider circuit
• Thermistor and light-dependent resistor
• Electric power and energy
• Dangers of electricity
• Safe use of electricity in the home
17. Magnetism18. Electromagnetism
• Laws of magnetism
• Magnetic properties of matter
• Magnetic field
• Magnetic effect of a current
• Applications of the magnetic effect of a current
• Force on a current-carrying conductor
• The D.C. motor
19. Electromagnetic Induction20. Radioactivity
• Principles of electromagnetic induction
• The A.C. generator
• Use of cathode-ray oscilloscope
• The transformer
• The structure of an atom
• Radioactive decay
• Dangers and uses of radioactivity


Importance of Physics Tuition in Secondary School

Why would a student need Physics tuition in secondary school? In fact, the trend is that most people begin Physics tuition in Sec 3, or even nearer the national examinations such as the O levels or their high school IP exams. It is the increased complexity of the topics and the incoming national exams that mainly fuel this demand for physics tuition in Singapore.


More Complex Physics Concepts

Physics Tuition For Sec 3

Physics topics in upper secondary become much harder than those in lower secondary. Students entering Sec 3 are suddenly bombarded with terms they may have never heard of in their life – kinetic model, rarefactions, electromagnetism, and so on. Especially for pure Physics, the content delves much deeper into concepts, with many requiring a firm grasp of mathematical formulas.


Pressure Of High-Stakes Exams

Then, there is the looming O levels or IP examinations that they have to work towards. Even students who are doing sufficiently well in school will start to feel the urgency. Upper secondary is the time they start to set goals for themselves as to where they want to go in JC, polytechnic or university, and their Physics grade can make or break their dreams! Signing up for O level Physics tuition and IP Physics tuition in Singapore is a way to get ahead of your peers in gaining a better understanding of the various physics concepts.


How We Can Help You In Physics

O Level Physics Tuition

The situation may seem bleak for students losing hope with their secondary or IP Physics grades in Singapore and feeling utterly lost in Physics lessons. However, the story does not need to end there! One of the best ways you can help yourself is by going for O level Physics tuition at an excellent tuition centre in Singapore. Believe us when we say that at we are committed to helping Sec 3, Sec 4 and IP Physics students reach their maximum potential in the Physics subject. Throughout our years of experience in providing IP and secondary O levels physics tuition in Singapore, we have helped many students in achieving their ideal results. You may head over to our testimonial page to learn more about their physics tuition experience with us.


Patient Teaching

O Level Physics Tuition

Renowned Physics tutor in Singapore, Mr Tony Chee is known for his patient teaching and clear explanations that help students grasp physics concepts effectively. Lessons are sorted according to pace and topics, so students can go for the classes that suit their needs. For example, head-start physics tuition classes give students an early introduction to Physics topics for the next year. Booster physics tuition classes help students catch up on previous topics.


Real-Life Physics Analogies

IP Physics Tuition

Not just an expert in Physics knowledge, Mr Tony Chee is an expert in teaching it! Don’t expect him to rattle off the textbook and teach formulas by rote – Mr Chee brings Physics to life by highlighting real-life examples and analogies. Live demonstrations and visual metaphors help students remember concepts effortlessly, and allow them to see the significance of Physics in the world.


Increase Your Motivation In Learning Physics

Physics Tuition For Sec 3

No amount of brilliant pedagogy can help a failing student if they have no motivation to learn. But here, Mr Chee fosters a love of Physics in his students with infectious passion, and the ability to make Physics relevant. Rightfully, his students rave not just about how their grades have improved tremendously, but also testify of how they grew their love of Physics through the tuition classes.

Our upper-secondary level classes cover IP and O level Physics tuition in Singapore, but we don’t recommend you wait until the last minute to seek Physics help. If you or your secondary school child has started to struggle in Physics, we recommend starting early with Physics tuition for Sec 3 and 4 students. Let us help you kindle a love for Physics, and conquer the Physics papers!


Secondary & IP Physics Tuition Fees

Sec 3S$300 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)
Sec 4S$350 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)
IP 3S$300 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)
IP 4S$350 per 4 lessons (2 hrs each)


O Level Physics Tips


  • Use Varied Study Materials

    Refer to textbooks, revision guides, past papers, and online resources. Different materials can provide varied perspectives and explanations, aiding better understanding. Solving past exam papers can also help you to get a sense of the exam pattern, time management, and types of questions asked. This practice helps identify weak areas that need more focus.

  • Active Learning Techniques

    Engage in active learning methods such as summarising chapters, making flashcards, teaching concepts to someone else, or creating mind maps. These techniques aid better retention and understanding.

  • Take Breaks

    While studying is essential, so is taking breaks. Regular breaks improve focus and prevent burnout. Follow the Pomodoro technique (25 minutes of focused study followed by a 5-minute break) if it suits you.

  • Create a Study Schedule

    Plan a study schedule that covers all topics systematically. Allocate more time to challenging topics while also ensuring adequate revision of easier ones. Regular revision is crucial. Reviewing what you have studied helps reinforce your memory and ensures better retention of information.

  • Manage Time During Exams

    Allocate time for each question and section according to the marks allocated. If you get stuck on a question, move on and return to it later.


Frequently Asked Questions

During our sec 3 and sec 4 physics tuition classes, content is targeted directly at O level physics exam strategies and key examinable concepts. This helps students to master the subject within a shorter period of time which is especially useful for the high-stakes examinations like the O levels physics in Singapore, amidst the heavy content that students have to handle for other subjects as well.

In our classes, you are surrounded by like-minded students who are attending with the intention of gaining greater insights and intuition for Physics, in addition to scoring well for the subject. Your child will thrive in this collaborative environment as students are more likely to offer solutions to work out a problem together. If you want to, check out our students’ testimonials to find out what they have to say!

Our tuition classes also employ algorithm-based predictions on possible question types – on top of identifying trends and making predictions by compiling and sorting past year questions, which will be taught to your child. We believe in teaching beyond what the classroom can offer. With Mr Tony Chee’s area of expertise and experience, he enjoys sharing personal anecdotes and advice on students’ education paths.

Our physics tuition lessons are two hours long and will be conducted by Mr Tony Chee, who focuses on high quality of delivery with logical and digestible content. Relevant learning materials will also be provided to students.

During the lesson, we will go through the content of each chapter, segmented into smaller topics. After emphasizing on the key concepts for each topic/sub-topic, we will work on practice questions together, going through each solution step-by-step. Anytime your child has questions or doubts to clarify, they can be raised during or outside of classes.

It is certainly possible for a jump in academic performance. We have witnessed significant improvement in at least two-thirds of our students – by three or more grades.

Ultimately, it takes two to tango! It is crucial that students also put in the effort to work hard and be open to learning. Keep in mind that improvement is not achieved magically overnight but conditioned and nurtured with time and hard work.

Classes are taught in the same manner as the lessons held at the physical premises. There is also greater online support via additional resources provided for students. They come in the form of online practices, assessment, videos, notes and animation. Attending physics tuition gives students a routine. As they will be assigned with work to do, they are given a sense of accountability to complete them before tuition starts. Moreover, getting help to clarify their misunderstandings is much easier as Mr Tony Chee is just one message away. With the additional set of resources to work with, they are able to spend their time in a more productive manner.



Amelia Peck
Amelia Peck
3 February 2023
mr chee is very approachable and is always willing and ready to help us understand concepts, clarify misunderstandings and answer our questions both in class and anytime throughout the week over WhatsApp. Mr Chee provided me with a lot of support in my journey through JC Physics.
Elena Ng
Elena Ng
14 January 2023
Mr Chee is an extremely patient and enthusiastic physics teacher. His teaching style allows one to easily grasp many physics concepts in a short period of time and never fails to entertain us during class. Thanks to Mr Chee’s constant guidance, I have been able to improve my physics grade in a short span of a year. Thank you Mr Chee!
Lucas C
Lucas C
8 January 2023
Mr. Chee is an excellent physics tutor. He explains concepts very well and goes through a diverse range of practice questions on a regular basis to drill concepts and keywords into students. Mr. Chee is very patient and always willing to answer any questions one might have for him. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Chee reviews and critics our exam papers, which has allowed me to refine my answering technique. I would highly recommend Mr. Chee!
Jing Han Gan
Jing Han Gan
29 December 2022
Mr Chee is a brilliant Physics teacher and he explains clearly and precisely what is needed to learn. He patiently answers any queries about anything Physics related and do encourage questions to be asked to help the learning process. I do highly recommend his tutoring as it has helped me ace my Physics in the span of a year!
Zxan 2
Zxan 2
28 December 2022
Mr Chee is a very passionate and engaging teacher who can explain concepts in a very relational and logical manner, helping us to understand them better. The important details are regularly emphasised and the questions given are carefully chosen that allows for us to apply the multiple concepts in a meaningful way. Mr Chee also regularly responds to any questions/clarifications on whatsapp which is quite helpful if I don't understand stuff or i can't figure out the answers to certain questions.
Will Leong
Will Leong
28 December 2022
I have been Mr Chee's student since Sec 4. The fact that I have chosen to enlist his help in JC proves his lessons' effectiveness in helping me catch up with the school's curriculum. After every exam (and even small class tests), Mr Chee would painstakingly review my papers, leaving small annotations of what mistakes he thought I had made and giving feedback on how he felt I could improve from that mistake. In addition, after lessons, I often ask him physics-related questions, be it from tuition or school, and he would swiftly give detailed, handwritten explanations (with drawings), which helped me to understand the issue better. When teaching specific chapters, Mr Chee would conduct small experiments to better help students grasp sticky concepts more effectively. He is a very dedicated tutor with a lot of passion for teaching, and I would highly recommend him as a tutor, be it for A'Levels or O'Levels. With his help, my grades have seen massive improvements during O’Levels, from an E8 to A1.
26 December 2022
mr chee is a patient and kind teacher, always willing to address any queries i might have after lessons! he highlights key concepts we need to be aware of, and structures lesson to suit the requirements of the Alevels. Because of him, my physics grades have been consistent throughout my two years in jc!
26 December 2022
mr chee is a very dedicated and patient teacher who’s always willing to go an extra mile to explain physics concepts in a detailed way yet still easy to understand. my foundation in physics used to be weak but through his lessons I started to be able to understand complicated concepts and improved a lot. there were also concise notes and helpful paper practices where mr chee would point out important / common question types for us to learn from. it has been great learning from him from sec 3 to J2, thank you mr chee!
v w
v w
25 December 2022
mr chee is an extremely meticulous teacher who takes the time to go through every single key point in detail and ensures that you remember them. Learning physics for me was made much easier after joining mr Chee and has definitely helped me improve tremendously. Thanks for your guidance mr Chee!
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