Mar 2019

Types of Learning Methods To Follow When Studying Physics

March 19, 2019

Physics is a complicated subject. Even so, it has contributed greatly especially in the field of technological advancements. The importance of physics in all fields is the reason why most students in Singapore are willing to do everything to excel. The learning methods you choose greatly affect the outcome of your studies. Particularly in physics, practising wrong learning techniques is the reason why many find the concepts difficult. Below are the best learning methods you should follow in order to study physics in an effective way.

Master the Basic Concepts

Physics is a progressive subject. Everything you learn is developed from a set of central theories and basic concepts. Putting too much effort in memorising complex formulae might not work well for you. By mastering the core theories, you will easily find the relationship between the underlining principles of physics and the different topics under it. You can create your own mind map showing the main principle and the topics that are derived from it.

Sharpen your Mathematics Skills

Maths and physics go hand in hand. As you study physics, you will realise that a lot of mathematical concepts are incorporated. It will be easier for you to excel in physics if you have good knowledge of maths formulas and can tackle related problems. Ensure you revise or decide to study maths alongside physics and you will improve your skills much faster.

Embrace Procedure Based Approach

While procedures and formulas seem tiring, they are meant to simplify problems. At first, a physics question might seem difficult. Take enough time to analyse it before embarking on solving it. Always read a question more than once, maintain your calm, and relate the problem to a familiar situation and this will completely simply the problem. Tackling it step by step helps you know where you go wrong and you can then rectify.

Use Visual Techniques

One common and easy visual technique is the use of drawings. As it is with great men and women who defined the principles of physics, always perform a drawing where applicable to illustrate a concept. Drawing makes learning interesting and is an easy way to memories most physics concepts. Make it a habit to study pictures and pay attention to lessons and online materials where concepts are explained using visual aids.

Learn Already Solved Problems

Most teachers do attempt and solve problems in class before allowing students to solve more problems on their own. Textbooks too have worked example questions at the introduction of different topics. When studying solved problems, try to work out the possible solutions before, then compare with the right answer later. This will help you identify where you go wrong.

Get More Professional Help

Always ask questions. You don’t need to waist hours stuck on a single problem. Your instructor can be of good help to you. Even better, seek tuition services from a professional tutor. There are many experienced teachers offering physics tuition.

Most importantly, study physic every day. Procrastinating will make things more difficult as time elapses. A good physics student manages his time well.

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