Mar 2020

Why Physics Is Vital To Becoming A Singapore Engineer

March 18, 2020

Physics plays a vital role in the progress of humankind, especially those with ambitions of venturing into the engineering sector in Singapore. For instance, physics equips students with quantitative, problem-solving and analytical abilities. Engineering is a form of applied science, with physics being an essential part of it. As such, attending physics tuition to improve your physics education is crucial.

To get you started, here’s all you need to know about why physics is important to becoming a Singapore engineer.

Ability to solve technical problems

Even though physics can be a challenging course, it gives a broad and deep knowledge that is extremely useful in any engineering sector. With physics, your academic interest in natural science is no longer limited. Physics allows you to be much more dominant in any Engineering course. Hence, you might find your choices to be broader in physics compared to other science subjects. The more you tackle physics problems, the more you learn to solve the underlying engineering problems.

Transferable skills

A degree in physics gives students useful skills when it comes to their technical and academic careers. Apart from the professional and academic career, physics equips students with teamwork, analysis skills, and the ability to work under immense pressure. Other capabilities include numeracy, practicality, and discipline. All these skills are essential to an engineer. Engaging in the physics content will undoubtedly help you in examining and coming up with answers to your engineering problems.

Technological advances

Innovations have found new technologies that are based on a modern interpretation of the existing physics knowledge. Physics gives learners the experience of applying new technology in a simplified model. Through this subject, engineers are able to improve the quality of lifestyle by providing new techniques and instruments on the field. Singapore is a country driven by new technology, and physics is an essential subject for engineers. Physics also improves the quality of lifestyle through the innovation of new instruments and techniques on the field.

Intellectual development

Most students are scared of studying physics because of its problematic reputation. During your physics studies, your knowledge of searching and grasping new information is much more advanced. Just like physics, engineering is a field that requires a lot of research skills. Physics, in general, is about logic and exploring new territories. It not only delves into theoretical academic issues but also practical. Through this subject, you will get to learn how to use simple problems and solve complicated matters.

Physics is applicable in many fields

Engineering is not just an independent field. For you to be an excellent engineer in Singapore, you need to also have vast knowledge in several other areas. Due to physics being an extensive subject, it can be applied in almost all other science subjects too.


Physics is an important subject that provides students with the necessary frameworks and models to become an ultimate engineer in Singapore. The skills and awareness given by this subject will surely last you a lifetime. Whether you are in school or college, many reasons can drive you to study physics, but engineering is the main reason.

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