2019 Feb

When Is The Right Age to Start Private Tuition?

February 28, 2019

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Many parents these days are no longer wondering if whether or not students can benefit from private tuition. The increased difficulty in getting into the top universities and colleges have made tuition almost a necessity.
Having said that, many parents are now asking a different question, and that is, when is the right age to start private tuition?

Starting as Early as Possible is Good

Below the age of 4, home tutoring sessions are less about education and more about facilitating a bonding moment between parents and their children. Basically, what a tutor does is give parents and children ideas about things that they can do together.
This is good, albeit, something that a parent and child can do on your own.
From the age of 4, however, things are a bit different. As a child grows up, they become less dependent on their parents. At that point in time, starting children on private tuition makes a lot of sense.
At such a young age, children are at their most vulnerable academically, and it’s important to set the tone early and make them see learning in a positive light. Getting a child private tuition can help with this. Because private tutors are essentially experts in their field and are trained to handle children, they are equipped to teach children and allow them to develop an appreciation for learning, even if it’s just one particular activity or subject to start with.
Children learn best when they experience things. That’s why they learn a lot when they play. By letting a child experience the world around them, a child not only gains a better appreciation of education but may also acquire a new set of skills and even discover what their innate talent is.
This early on though, it’s best for children to take lessons focused not just on academics, but also on extracurricular activities, such as music, dance, or arts.

Private Tuition Is More Than Just Child Care

It’s no secret that plenty of parents get their children a private tutor as a way to substitute child care. This works, for a lot of reasons. But, it’s also important to keep in mind that private tuition is more than just child care.
Remember, the first five years of life has a lot to do with how the rest will go, and establishing a good foundation is key to a more positive attitude towards learning in the future.
With private tutors, you get the benefits of having someone that can keep your child occupied for hours and also, someone who has all of the professional teaching skills of a certified teacher, if not more.
Tutors can come from all sorts of background and may have different sets of expertise. One particular tutor may be able to provide H2 physics tuition  for older students, while others may be focused on other sciences. Either way, their experience and education allow them to draw on both the strengths and weaknesses of each child.
Often, they will create a customized learning plan made specifically for a particular student, and unlike traditional babysitters, they know how to maximize your child’s learning potential.

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