Jan 2017

How to Get Better Grades in Physics

January 19, 2017


A critical part of going for JC physics tuition is getting the grades that make it worthwhile. But how can you improve your grades? While there’s no way to magical way to achieve grades without hard work, there are a few things you can do to improve your physics learning experience and get the best grades you possibly can.

Know your equations

A critical part of physics is applying the theoretical knowledge you have to the problems you are given in the exam. You are not going to get very far unless you know, understand and can apply the various equations and formulas.

Remember that you will not always be given the equation linearly like it is written in the textbook- you may be required to rearrange the equation in a way to solve for a different part of it. If you do not firmly grasp both the equation and the reasoning behind the theory you will find yourself at a loss when answering the question.

Maths skills is essential

This is exactly why it is vital to brush up your math skills before anything else. The basic components of mathematical theory, including how to rearrange equations, will be essential to your study experience. You do not want to lose marks because of a lack of basic math skills and silly mistakes.

Don’t panic

Some people are not good at taking examinations, no matter how smart they actually are. One pro-tip is to spend some time with past papers, and get used to the structure beforehand if you tend to panic and blank out.

Don’t get distracted by extra information within the problem that is actually not needed- there will often be extra information included just to rattle you. And be careful that you always do all unit conversions so you are comparing apples with apples.

Be prepared to work hard

As we said above, there really is no way to cheat the system, only for you to make the best of what you have. Always resist the temptation to be lazy.

Do the reading, coursework and homework you are given so you are continuously learning rather than trying to cram things desperately at the end of the year or before an important examination. A little bit of long term hard work can make a huge difference in your final grades. A little bit of calm logic, a firm grasp of your equations learned during tuition will help you make the very best of your physics tuition and get the best grades possible.

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