Jul 2019

How Physics Tutorials Go Beyond Rote Learning

July 11, 2019

H2 Physics Tuition
There are so many different physics principles that can be easily applied to everyday life. Take the simple case of floating on water; over time, without much of a thought, we already have a good idea of the items that can float and the items that cannot. This, of course, has to do with physics.
Now, there are many advanced or complex principles which also find day-to-day application in our everyday lives. We may not always realise this, yet it remains an undeniable fact. At the same time, everyday school or college lessons in physics do not really help us to the extent where we are able to grasp physics principles so well that we can apply them in our day-to-day lives.
That is exactly where we find physics tuition making such a big difference since it allows students to grasp physics principles so well that they can then go ahead and apply these concepts into everyday lives as well. As a matter of fact, we know of folks who built entire careers out of their solid understanding of physics principles—which they received at physics tutorials!
Deeper understanding
A major reason for which physics principles are applied better by students is thanks to physics tutorials such as H2 physics tuition. Rather than learning by rote, the tutelages encourage a deeper understanding of the subject, going in-depth when teaching physics principles—yet in a way that students can understand easily. This is often at complete odds to the superficial approach taken by many schools and colleges where teachers lack the time to answer the questions of all the students.
Applying analogies
Another reason in which physics tuitions help with the everyday application of physics principles is the way analogies from everyday life are applied during the learning process. As a result of this approach that helps facilitate easy understanding, most students practically never forget the lessons they took, even after a long time has passed.
Yet again, we find this approach to be directly opposite of the one taken by many schools or colleges where things are very matter-of-fact. Rarely do we find an analogy based approach being adopted for learning. As a result, the “learning” per se in such instances tends to be short-lived, without much scope for the everyday application of physics principles.
Competitive spirit
We all know that Singapore as a whole has quite a competitive academic and professional environment. Now, physics tutelages go the extra mile to keep that competitive spirit alive.
As an example, competitions are organised by these tutelages where learning is not just theoretically imparted but practically demonstrated through challenges and competitions. These activities go a long way in ensuring that physics principles are fully learnt and utilised by students for the long haul.
There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that when it comes to the application of physics principles in everyday life, physics tutorials have a very big role to play. Therefore, when the objective is to apply these principles in day to day life, taking up physics tuition is highly recommended.

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