Mar 2023

4 Fun Ways To Foster Your Child’s Love for Physics

March 17, 2023
4 Fun Ways To Foster Your Child’s Love for Physics


Not many students would name Physics when asked about their favourite subject. After all, there’s no denying that physics is challenging and requires extra effort and attention compared to other subjects. Indeed, just mentioning the word can strike fear into some students’ hearts. But now is the time to change this and show students that although challenging, Physics is quite an exciting subject!

You may not have noticed it before, but Physics has been in our lives forever. Physics is more than abstract concepts and painful-looking formulas; it’s also relevant to everyday life. Whether you plan on teaching your children or prefer to seek help from a physics tutor in Singapore, here are four ways to nurture their love for Physics.

1. Encourage questions

Children always ask questions, which is good because it sparks their curiosity, and it’s how they learn. The world is new to them, and questioning things is their way to discover the working world and their surroundings. From “why is the sky blue?” to “how are rainbows created?” enjoy discussing the answers to these questions and slip in a gentle introduction to Physics terms such as mass, gravity, and many more!

2. Do fun experiments

There’s nothing children love more than experiments masked as games! Physics is best taught through demonstration, so performing experiments so they can see and experience the concepts themselves is the best way to approach things. Research a list of fun experiments you can do with your children, such as the ‘egg drop experiment’ or ‘rainbow in a jar.’ Through these experiments, they learn more about physics in a fun and hands-on way.

3. Let them explore

Learning involves getting your hands dirty and digging out of your comfort zone! The best way to learn is through exploring, so let your children explore freely and allow them to discover things on their own. Just provide a sense of safety and positive reinforcement whenever they find something new and are curious about it. Most importantly, ensure that they know that you are willing to answer any questions they may have about the world around them.

4. Provide resources

One needs more than a backyard to facilitate your child’s inquisitiveness and desire to learn; you must also provide other ways to satisfy their curiosity. You may subscribe to a science magazine or buy some physics books for kids to keep them entertained. As their curiosity grows stronger and their love for science and physics gets deeper, step up your game and provide them with more resources! Whether through educational apps, movies, or games, find ways to make physics enjoyable for your child.


The earlier you encourage your child to embrace and feed their natural curiosity, the more they will have a positive attitude towards physics. It’s never too early or too late to help your child discover their love for Physics. Aside from receiving high grades in school, learning about Physics can help them better understand how the world works and affords them the potential to grow up to do incredible things.

If you need help steering your child towards the fascinating subject of physics, Tuition Physics is here to help! You can enrol them in classes so that they can become highly successful physics students with the help of our friendly and approachable tutors. Contact us for more information.

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