Oct 2017

How to Motivate Students Amidst their Exam Preparations

October 24, 2017

Physics is a tough subject for many students and exam times are usually filled with stress, fear and anxiety for children and parents alike. Children need motivation and special care to go through this crucial phase and parents must be able to understand and attend to their needs. Exams can take their toll on your child emotionally as well so it is important that you motivate them so that they can perform well in exams. It is also important to understand that just enrolling your child for a Physics Tuition while neglecting their mental wellbeing is not enough for them to perform well in exams.
During this time, your child can feel burdened and demotivated which can lead to a loss of interest in the subject. Providing encouragement, being a support system and allowing them time to pursue their interests will enable your child to feel less stressed and will motivate them substantially. Below are some ways which will keep your child motivated and will ensure good performance in exams.
Provide Encouragement
You child looks up to you for encouragement and approval. If they feel appreciated by you, then they are more likely to feel more valued and encouraged. Apart from providing them with extra help in the subject by enrolling them in a Physics tuition, you must also complement this move with encouragements for your child’s performance. Have an enthusiastic conversation with your child and compliment them from time to time so that he feels good about himself and is motivated to study.
Create a Comfortable Environment for Study
It is important that your kids are comfortable and the atmosphere around them is ideal for studying. Therefore, it is better that you create a dedicated study space which is peaceful and free of any distraction. This will give your child the determination to study better and get better grades. Make sure that the study corner has all necessities like a desk, a good chair and other supplies such as papers, differently colored pens and stencils that will inspire them to study well.
Give Them Rewards

Offering your child with rewards will give them the required push. You can offer your children incentives such as a pizza party, a gift of their choice or taking them out to have some fun. Rewards will help your child in performing better.
Helping Them Fight Fear of Failing Exams
Exams bring along various feelings of tension and anxiety in children and they might end up losing their self- confidence. Your kids might show signs of fear as they have performance pressure in exams. It is therefore important that you comfort your child by telling them that they will do well as they are capable of the same. You can also relieve their stress by making them play games and performing other activities which will take their minds off the fear that they will fail the exam.
Motivating and helping your child fight exam fears solely depends on their mental setup since all children are different. We have mentioned the most common ways that work with most children and if used effectively, will definitely help your child attain success. Use these tips and make studies a fun experience for your child!

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